Moviola GdS: “Milan-Inter, 6.5 Duties: the two penalties are ok. There are no penalties for the Rossoneri”

The Gazzetta dello Sport in today’s edition it proposes the moviola of Milan-Inter. This is what the newspaper writes about the direction of Daniele Duties: “At 7 ‘of the first half Kessie is joined by Calhanoglu inside the Rossoneri area: the Inter player takes the space behind the ball by extending his right foot and then falls because crossed by the Milan player’s left leg. Duties correctly decrees the penalty, no VAR but ‘silent-check’ yes: the decision of the field (with evaluation of dynamics and intensity) of the referee is confirmed. The second penalty, at 25 ‘of the first half, sees Ballo-Touré coming late on Darmian: Solar rigor and only yellow card (the only one in the match) because the AC Milan player sought the ball (‘genuine intervention’). In the Inter area, shots of the arm are not to be sanctioned (adherent to the body: body volume is not altered) by Calhanoglu and Correa in the second half “.

In general, the opinion given to Doveri by the newspaper is positive with a vote of 6.5: “he holds the game in hand, argues the decisions: the most ‘strong’ concern the two penalties granted to Inter, with the first sanctionable and the solar second. A single admonition, good readings of the contacts born of great intensity “.


Moviola GdS MilanInter Duties penalties penalties Rossoneri

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