In Italy, boom of third doses and lockdown for unvaccinated “unthinkable measure”

In Italy, boom of third doses and lockdown for unvaccinated “unthinkable measure”
In Italy, boom of third doses and lockdown for unvaccinated “unthinkable measure”

The administration of the third doses already travels at the rate of 100 thousand injections per day and with this average it is hoped that 7 million Italians with boosters will reach the goal by 2021, in view of further inoculations to the next age groups under 60. line from pediatricians there may also be children between 5 and 11 years old: a strategy that – explains the coordinator of the CTS, Franco Locatelli, aims to “protect their sociality, their educational-training paths”, because it is necessary to do ” everything to keep schools open ». And the position of the head of the Technical Scientific Committee on the hypothesis of introducing the lockdown for non-immunized people is also clear, in the wake of the provision announced in Austria from the next few hours: “it is a measure that cannot be taken into consideration, both in terms of concrete operational both as regards compatibility with constitutional rights – he says – so I do not think it is a solution that can be proposed in our country “.

Despite the hard core of the skeptics, the inoculations proceed anyway, with the third dose driving the vaccination campaign: 2,128,928 have been administered so far, equal to 35.40% of the audience (so far over 60, sanitary and frail at least 6 months after the recall). The so-called additional doses are 338,595 (38.33% of the audience, i.e. the fragile ones) while the boosters (including those over 60 and health professionals who have been using J&J serum for at least six months) are 1,790,333 (34 , 89% of the audience). As for the vaccination campaign, the first doses continue to travel around the consolidated average (yesterday they were 15,572) while the second dose is higher (48,870 in the last 24 hours). 83.52% of the over 12 population has, however, completed the vaccination cycle to date. Numbers that remove, at least for the moment, the fear of restrictions. The data on the risk bands of the various Regions throughout the country are of no concern and the whole of Italy hits the white zone goal probably at least until mid-November: the occupation of intensive care units at national level is 4% and 6% (with an increase of 1%) that in the non-critical medical area in hospitals for Covid cases in Italy, below the thresholds set by the indicators of 10% and 15% respectively. Two regions that have reached the threshold for intensive, the Marche with 11% growth (it was 8% last November 1st) and Friuli Venezia Giulia at 10%. In the two regions, admissions to non-critical medical areas are fortunately below the threshold of several percentage points: the Marche is 6% and Friuli Venezia Giulia 9% (+ 1% on the previous day). The highest employment data in the medical area are recorded in Calabria with 12% (+ 1%), in the province of Bolzano with 11% but down by one percentage point, and in Valle d’Aosta which recorded a leap forward by 7% reaching 11%.

After all, «the epidemic situation in Italy together with Spain and Portugal it is the best in all of Europe “, explains Locatelli, who rejects alarmism and announces” a Christmas certainly characterized by greater sociality than last year “. The comparison with the data of November 5, 2020 is significant to understand the extent of the change: 445 deaths against 51 this year on the same date, 15.7% positive against 1.2% and 25.647 hospitalized against 3.519. In the last 24 hours, the bulletin is in line with the previous ones: 5,822 positives and 26 victims in one day, with the positive rate stable at 1.3% and 6 more patients in intensive care throughout Italy.
The crucial issue of the extension of the state of emergency remains on the government table, which will only be dissolved at the end of the year (the expiry date is 31 December). In any case – with the current legislation and legislation – it will be possible only until January 31, 2022. The issue is emerging at the center of the attention of the parties. “The decision is entirely political and – specifies the coordinator of the CTS – if the government will consider the hypothesis of an extension, it will either stop on January 31st or it needs legislative measures to be able to extend it further”, a hypothesis of which ” it is at all disputed “. On the subject, the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, is more clear-cut: if necessary, the government will propose an extension.


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