The Northeast at risk of the yellow zone at Christmas and the government’s plan to stop the fourth wave

The extension of the mandatory Green pass until summer, the reopening of the vaccination hubs and the completion of the cycles are the three pillars on which the Draghi government’s plan to face the fourth wave of the Coronavirus epidemic rests. Which promises to be a peak of infections at Christmas, the signs of which are already visible with the increase in positives in the regions and cities. With particular attention to three regions of the Northeast: Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. And that will see the immunization of the under 12s in the foreground to leave schools open. While there is still a conflict within the majority over the extension of the state of emergency. And Mario Draghi brakes Roberto Speranza.

The Green pass until summer

The Draghi government wants to extend the compulsory green pass on work at least until the end of June. But even beyond, given that within the executive they are convinced that the Covid-19 Green Certification has played an important role in stopping the contagion and allowing safe reopening. For this reason it intends to extend the certificate obligation also in social life. But to do so it will have to guarantee the effectiveness of the controls. Which so far have not exactly been on the carpet. He writes today Republic that since 15 October, the date of entry into force of the obligation, only 668 penalties have been imposed on citizens and 234 on owners of businesses or other activities. Against a million and a half checks declared by the Interior Ministry. On the other hand it is the same mechanism imagined for the controls that shows some slowness.

Currently, anyone who is caught at work without a Green Pass is reported to the prefect by the employer, by the ASL inspectorate or by a single citizen. At that point, there are three months to notify fines and penalties. The “random” checks in bars and restaurants have so far not brought home great results, while the testimonies on businesses that violate the rules and ask for nothing from customers are multiplying. The reopening of the vaccination hubs will instead serve to conclude the immunization cycle even with the third dose, which will most likely be administered to everyone after the exhaustion of the elderly and frail categories. Meanwhile, yesterday the coordinator of the CTS Franco Locatelli advocated immunization for the under 12s, closing the hypothesis of lockdown for the unvaccinated.

Northeast, the resumption of the epidemic

Meanwhile, the progress of the epidemic in what has been defined as the fourth wave is worrying. And which for now is proceeding in fits and starts, making it difficult to identify the plateau. Today Professor Giovanni Sebastiani, a mathematician of the CNR, explains to Messenger that there are areas where the virus accelerates and areas where everything still seems to have stopped. In recent days, the increase in incidence over 30% occurred in Friuli-Venezia Giulia (+ 42%), the Autonomous Provinces of Trento (35%) and Bolzano (36%), Marche and Veneto (30%). Sardinia has also seen its incidence increase by 70% but its numbers are still very low. In Lazio, the total incidence grew by only 10%, but with great differences between provinces such as Frosinone and Rieti. «All the regions with the most sustained growth are in the eastern part of Italy. The high incidence of the Northeast worries me », Sebastiani concludes.

Ten provinces have growing infections: Trieste, Bolzano, Rieti, Catania, Padua, Siena, Gorizia, Syracuse, Forlì-Cesena and La Spezia. Among these, the cities where the No Green pass and No vax events took place stand out. But also the areas of Sicily, where someone hypothesizes a selective lockdown where the positives increase and vaccination rates instead do not. Meanwhile, the executive still writes Republic, also thinks about the allowances for emergency room doctors. From 1 January 2022, 90 million euros will be allocated as an incentive to stop bleeding from the emergency room. Speranza’s technicians have prepared an article to be included in the maneuver to recognize “the particular working conditions” of this staff “employed by companies and bodies of the national health service”.

Regions at risk of color change

The minister also reiterated in recent days the validity of the color system that allows the use of local red zones in the event of outbreaks. At the moment, writes today the Corriere della Sera, Italy remains white but it is not excluded that within a few weeks some regions – Friuli-Venezia Giulia in the lead and then Marche, Calabria and the province of Bolzano – may turn yellow. The newspaper also recalls that in recent days the commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo stressed “given what is happening in other European countries with the” pandemic of the unvaccinated “”, the need to “increase the rate of administration of third doses, as well as to continue with the completion of the primary vaccination cycles “. For this reason, the governors have already been asked to reopen the hubs that had been closed and to involve general practitioners.

Finally, the state of emergency goes towards an extension until March 31st. Even if according to Draghi, we will go beyond January only in case of extreme necessity. And it is not excluded that in the end a turnaround will be made, also to satisfy the Lega and Fratelli d’Italia. In this case we will move towards a modification of the laws that allow the Civil Protection to act only with the state of emergency. The print today says that one of the median hypotheses – already evaluated by Undersecretary Roberto Garofoli last spring – is to introduce ad hoc regulations that safeguard the emergency structure.

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