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“Incomprehensible manifestations. The lockdown for the unvaccinated? It is not practicable in Italy “

“Incomprehensible manifestations. The lockdown for the unvaccinated? It is not practicable in Italy “
“Incomprehensible manifestations. The lockdown for the unvaccinated? It is not practicable in Italy “

The no green pass events, are “difficult to understand, bordering on the unjustifiable”. This was stated by Franco Locatelli (photo below), coordinator of the CTS and president of the Higher Health Council, guest at “Half an hour more” on Rai3.

Locatelli again: “It will certainly be a Christmas characterized by greater sociality than last year exactly” and this thanks to the better Italian situation. In terms of vaccination, «five points above Germany and three and a half points above France. It is clear that this is the main road and we must continue to try to convince those who are reluctant, reluctant or resistant ». Last year on November 5 445 deaths against 51 this year on the same date, 15.7% positive against 1.2% this year, 25,647 hospitalized against 3,519. Thus the president of the Css and coordinator of Cts, Franco Locatelli in half an hour more.

Locatelli on the vaccine at the age group 5-11 years. “The answer is clear-cut: when they are approved by Ema and Aifa, I don’t see why not to offer vaccination to the age group 5-11, in the US it is already done” and is recommended by the pediatrician companies. Thus the president of the CSS, Franco Locatelli, half an hour more on Rai3. Although children rarely develop serious forms of disease or persistent forms of Covid, «we must protect their sociality, their educational-training paths. It is useless to complain about the results of the Invalsi tests if we do not do everything to keep the schools open ». The reduction in the circulation of the virus is an added value.

Finally Locatelli on the practicability of a lockdown for the unvaccinated he says that “both in concrete operational terms and in terms of compatibility with constitutional rights I think it is quite problematic so I don’t think it is a viable solution in our country. Those elements do not make the measure considerable ». This was stated by the president of the Higher Health Council and coordinator of the Scientific Technical Committee, Franco Locatelli, responding to a guest question on Lucia Annunziata’s broadcast on Rai3, Half an hour more.

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Incomprehensible manifestations lockdown unvaccinated practicable Italy

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