bad Politano, Insigne and Zielu in the yellow and blue grip, good Juan Jesus

Ospina 6 – Can nothing on the goal, then several not impossible saves and many safe exits because Verona always stops one step away from shooting in the most dangerous actions.

Di Lorenzo 7 – Find the goal in the most difficult moment for Napoli, under and at the mercy of the incursions and the furious ball recovery of Verona. In the defensive phase despite the left-handed chain of Verona, he takes a hit and comes out of many dangerous situations.

Rrahmani 6 – Simeone anticipates him on the goal, then several empty outings, when Verona combines with 3 players on the center-right of Napoli, but also an important save on Barak. He doesn’t have the speed of Koulibaly, nor of Juan Jesus on the way out, but he always tries to go early.

Juan Jesus 6,5 – Confirms the excellent test of Warsaw also from the central. Often in advance, he limits Simeone well by defending ‘forward’ and giving continuity to the action when possible.

Mario Rui 5.5 – He lets Barak jump, without spending the yellow foul (why distrusted?) And leaving the opponent with a comfortable assist for Simeone’s goal. For the rest, in reality he does not suffer too much and in the final the most precise crosses in the final siege start from his feet.

Fabian 6 – Without Koulibaly he plays more balls than usual at the exit, closes with 78 passes but 81% accuracy is in line with the match of his teammates who suffer the pressure of Verona. He has the merit of giving the ball that Di Lorenzo transforms into 1-1.

Anguissa 6 – From one of his percussions, insisting too much on the ball, Verona starts again and will unlock the result. However, he is confirmed on good levels, in some cases evading the pressure and making his muscles feel in duels, unlike his teammates (from 86 ‘ Mertens 6 – He does not give much liveliness in the final, suffocated between the blocked lines of Verona, but then touches the winning goal by hitting the post on a free kick)

Politano 5 – Definitely disappointing. Too many touches, often entering the field, rewarding and in some cases activating the pressure of Verona which doubles or even triples. Few really useful plays for the team (from 62 ‘ Lozano 5,5 – Served between the feet and not in speed, he does what he can. In the end he moves to the left and returns to the right, throwing himself into traffic, however)

Zielinski 5 – Never really in the game. Tameze physically dominates him, the swerves allow Verona to take the time and press him. Closes with just 22 touches and a mountain of errors, as evidenced by the modest 81% accuracy (from 62 ‘ Diamond 6 – He manages many balls, but without being able to affect even if he suffers the foul that leads to Bessa’s red that gives a push in the final)

Badge 5.5 – Like the other attacking midfielders, the opponent stamped behind suffers and only in the second half does he force Dawidowicz to yellow. Force many plays, rarely finds the hole and puts in goal only one shot of the many tried (from 86 ‘ Ounas sv – He enters too late, even if his dribbling characteristics could have been used in the one-on-one of Verona. Just touch 3 balls)

Osimhen 6 – Not a great game, served little and badly, but he hits the post which could have meant an advantage in the first half. In the second half he is served more on the body, he combines little, to manage a ball he has to work a lot in the midst of two or three opponents and finsice to get nervous. (from 91 ‘ Petagna sv)

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