A day of “Covid free”: today there are no new cases in the Savona area

A day of “Covid free”: today there are no new cases in the Savona area
A day of “Covid free”: today there are no new cases in the Savona area

Liguria. I am 68 new cases of Coronavirus in Liguria its 1.478 molecular buffers e 8.035 rapid antigen tests according to the bulletin sent by the Region on the health situation linked to Covid-19.

Stable hospitalized in the last 24 hours and there are no new deaths. In province of Savona there are no new positivity, a data that is certainly indicative but which should be contextualized in the weekend and Sunday report, where there is a substantial decrease in the number of swabs and antigen tests.

In Liguria there are 97 hospitalized patients (6 more than yesterday) in hospitals. In home isolation 1.332 people (12 fewer than yesterday).

I current positives I’m 2,610 throughout Liguria, 14 more with 54 new healed.

Of the newly infected 60 are in the province of Genoa, 8 in the Imperia area, none in the Savona area and none in the Spezzino. In active surveillance 1,882 subjects in the area. In the last 24 hours were administered 1,767 vaccines. The third doses are 50,765 in all.

The percentage of vaccines administered on those delivered is del 91%.

IN THE PROVINCE OF SAVONA – There are 276 positive residents in the province of Savona (-4). The people admitted to hospital rise to 22 (one more than yesterday), one person is hospitalized in intensive care. Active surveillance subjects still remain stable at 341 people.

From December 27, 2020 to date, 346,431 doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been administered in Asl2, of which 349 in the last 24 hours. The people who have already been given the second dose are 166,407 (including 1,955 additional). As for the Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccine, however, 50,994 doses have been administered since 27 December 2020. No other doses have been administered in the past 24 hours. 20,647 people received the second dose.


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