Milan, the video trap in Barona blocks the neighborhood: young people out of control

The “music” still a negative protagonist in Milan. A video trap in Barona blocked the neighborhood for a few hours, creating unease and protests among the residents. It is not the first time such episodes have happened. Just a few days ago a similar situation occurred in Gratosoglio, where a real urban guerrilla was staged.

Video trap in Barona: young people who speak the language of violence

In video trap in Barona, reposted on Instagram by the “Milanobelladadio” channel, you can see about a hundred young people intent on filming the clip. The presence of guns that remind us of criminal gangs is inevitable. During the filming, several fireworks were also launched into the air. To top it all, luxurious cars and scooters with which trappers blocked the streets of the neighborhood for hours.

On the issue of improvised video traps in the city, the regional councilor for security, Riccardo De Corato he repeatedly asked for the intervention of the mayor’s administration Living roomaccused of “giving free rein to his rapper friends.”


Milan video trap Barona blocks neighborhood young people control

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