“Because of the no vax we risk closing the business”

The surge in infections that has been occurring in recent days in Emilia-Romagna does not yet involve any restrictive measures. However, “because of the unvaccinated, there could be a risk of restricting or closing activities”, warns the president of Emilia-Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini. “We would no longer want to close anything, I hope there is no such risk, but it is avoided insofar as it is possible to guarantee control of the measures adopted to contain and defeat the pandemic, vaccinations and green passes, all that is needed to avoid the spread of the contagion “, reiterates the governor, according to whom, given the numbers, it will be” inevitable “that the government extends the use of the green pass, a tool that is giving us a great hand”.

In any case, Bonaccini recalls, in the region “there is an important number of vaccinated: we are going towards 90% of the first doses administered, and we are 86% of the population with a complete vaccination cycle”, and also the campaign on the third dose started well, with many requests. “The vaccine is the only tool we have to get out of this nightmare. We must continue to vaccinate. Today, despite the increase in infections, we still manage to contain the number of hospitalized patients thanks to the fact that most of the population is vaccinated. Who does not really want to understand the evidence, look at the less vaccinated countries, from Romania to Russia we are facing real tragedies “, he adds. “We must keep the pandemic at bay for health reasons and to protect people’s health, because we have seen too many tragedies, but also to avoid the social and economic pandemic. The numbers of growth are formidable: we must keep the pandemic at bay for get the economy and work started up again “, he concludes. (source Dire)


vax risk closing business

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