Corte Franca, beaten after the accident: the attacker arrested

Corte Franca, beaten after the accident: the attacker arrested
Corte Franca, beaten after the accident: the attacker arrested

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He was arrested on responsible for the brutal beating against a thirty-two-year-old, which occurred at dawn this morning outside the Number One nightclub in Cortefranca, which has returned to being the place of reference for non-stop night owls since the government allowed discos to reopen.

In handcuffs he ended up a 22 year old boy, resident in Bergamo, already known for a previous fight. At the sight of the men of the mobile squad of the Brescia police headquarters, the young man would have tried to escape. He was arrested and taken to prison in Bergamo. He is accused of attempted murder. At the record of the investigation there is a video with the victim who was also kicked once on the ground.

While the conditions of the 32-year-old from Bergamo hospitalized at the Brescia Civil Service are stable, albeit very serious. Hospitalized with a reserved prognosis and subjected to a delicate surgery on the head for a hematoma of important dimensions. “Struggle between life and death” investigative sources report.

The Iseo Traffic Police and the Mobile Police Station interrogated the people who were present all morning and have solid elements for a complete reconstruction of the incident.

The dynamics of what happened are not yet clear. Or rather, it is not clear how a beating of a 32-year-old was born from an accident between two cars. It seems that the car accident was not serious and that the damage to the cars was also contained. At that moment, however, around 5 in the morning, hundreds of people were leaving the room and other people soon joined the discussion that involved drivers and passengers of the two cars until the situation degenerated. In particular, the 22-year-old arrested would have thrown himself at one of the drivers hitting him violently with kicks and punches until he was left on the ground lifeless.

During the morning the injured was subjected to a delicate surgery and only in the early afternoon his conditions could be said to have stabilized even if he is still in danger of life.

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Corte Franca beaten accident attacker arrested

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