Covid today Marche, bulletin 7 November 2021. Data and infections – Chronicle

Covid today Marche, bulletin 7 November 2021. Data and infections – Chronicle
Covid today Marche, bulletin 7 November 2021. Data and infections – Chronicle

Ancona, November 7, 2021- Contagions from Covid in the bulletin decrease even if slightly delle Marche on 7 November 2021: in the last 24 hours the new positives were 157 against 172 yesterday. Also decreases the rate of positivity by one percentage point: 7.5% against almost 8.5% yesterday. 2,089 swabs were processed during the course for new diagnoses. On the other hand, the incidence rate is growing cumulative on 100,000 inhabitants which today reached 64.40 while yesterday it was 61.80.

The focus Yellow zone risk: fourth wave of Covid, at what point is it in Emilia-Romagna, Marche and Veneto

Covid, the data chart of the Marches bulletin of today 7 November 2021

The map of the contagion in the Marche today 7 November 2021

The total of positives identified since the beginning of the crisis has risen to 117,199. The last 45 cases have been identified in the province of Ancona, 25 in the province of Macerata, 40 in that of Pesaro-Urbino, 19 in They stop, 25 in Piceno and 3 outside the region.

The Covid update, new infected: in the Marche one in two is vaccinated. Need the third dose

Symptomatic and asymptomatic in the Marche

These cases include 31 symptomatic subjects, 41 close contacts with positives, 46 domestic contacts, 5 detected in the school environment, 3 in the workplace, 1 in a social environment, 2 through screening in the health care path and 1 outside the region; 29 cases are the subject of epidemiological investigation. Since the start of the pandemic crisis, 26,331 cases have been identified in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, 36,108 in the province of Ancona, 24,598 in that of Macerata, 12,078 in They stop and 12,837 in Piceno; in addition, there are 5,247 cases that refer to residents outside the region.

Hospitalization and intensive care in the Marche

I’m 88 Covid-19 patients assisted in hospital wards Marche, 3 more than yesterday, and 8 (+2) in the emergency room waiting to be transferred to the wards. In intensive care there are 23 patients: 11 a Pesaro, 5 (+1) in the ward and 2 in pediatrics a Turrets, 2 (-1) a Stopped and 3 a San Benedetto del Tronto; there are 20 (+1) patients admitted to the semi-intensive of Pesaro and 3 a San Benedetto del Tronto. In the non-intensive departments there are 42 (+2): 4 in Covid and 2 in obstetrics in Pesaro, 18 in infectious diseases and 1 in obstetrics in Torrette and 17 (+3) in infectious diseases in Fermo. There are 59 (+7) guests in the Rsa di Campofilone (Fermo).

The point Aggressions no vax, vigilantes in hospitals. “We doctors are increasingly targeted: that’s enough”

Covid, cases in home isolation and healed

In the Marche there are also 2,715 people in home isolation (+96), while a total of 111,282 (+58) were discharged and healed.

The victims of Covid

In the last 24 hours no victims were recorded related to Covid-19: the toll since the beginning of the pandemic crisis remains 3,114 dead, 1,743 men and 1,371 women. In the province of Pesaro-Urbino 995 people have died so far, in the province of Ancona 991, 535 in that of Macerata, 307 in Fermano and 250 in Piceno; among the victims there are also 36 people who died in hospitals in the Marche, but not resident in the region.

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