Payroll tax cut: OSS excluded, Nurses and Healthcare Professionals almost to zero. Doctors and executives rejoice.

Payroll tax cut, excluding OSS but for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals the gain is almost zero. Higher salaries are preferred, ie Doctors and Executives.

The tax cut on paychecks is upon us but in health care only managers and doctors will benefit, with the OSS excluded and Nurses and Health Professionals without objective benefits.

The IRPEF cut, or the personal income tax, is now outlined and is about to be finally approved.

Current system and changes.

To date, the gross income tax is applied with rates calibrated in progressive brackets, i.e. the higher the annual gross amount, the more taxation increases, following this criterion:

  • 23% on the first 15,000 of income;
  • 27% from 15,000.01 to 28,000 euros;
  • 38% from 28,000.01 to 50,000 euros;

up to go up again.

The novelty of the cut will concern the income bracket between 28,000.01 and 50,000 euros, bringing the percentage from 38% to 36%.

Impact on paychecks.

According to a quick calculation, for those who have a gross annual income of 50,000 euros, this change will lead to a net increase of about 440 euros.

If, on the other hand, it is calculated on a gross annual amount of 28,000 / 33,000 euros, the savings are very few euros per year.

Therefore, with regard to the salaries of workers, the SDGs are excluded (almost all of them below 28,000 gross per year), while for Nurses and Health Professionals it falls within the last scenario, that is, without a real gain.

To benefit and rejoice instead are the managers and doctors who manage to benefit with several hundred euros saved.

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