Muzzle and paws tied with scotch, dog rescued in Catania

Muzzle and paws tied with scotch, dog rescued in Catania
Muzzle and paws tied with scotch, dog rescued in Catania

It had its snout and legs tied with scotch tape. To save him the intervention of the Lav Emergency Unit together with the Catania Fire Brigade who made space among the brambles, to look for the dog, after a report received. Also on site are the Municipal Police and the veterinary rescue.

“The dog, visibly frightened, was subjected to the first veterinary care – says Beatrice Rezzaghi, head of the Lav Emergency Unit – We found ourselves faced with a scene that we would never have thought of seeing, of genuine cruelty, because if we had not intervened in time the dog would have risked to die of suffocation. We remind you that the mistreatment of animals is a crime that involves imprisonment from 3 to 18 months or a fine of up to 30,000 euros. Not reporting such violence is equivalent to being accomplices, so we hope that silence does not prevail over such brutality, to be condemned without ifs and buts: for this reason we will file a complaint against unknown persons and we hope to be able to contribute to bringing these criminals to justice. We thank the team of the Fire Brigade, the Municipal Police and the Veterinary Rescue for their timely intervention and for taking to heart the fate of this dog that we hope will soon overcome the shock of the violence suffered and resume a more peaceful existence ” .

For days, the Lav Emergency Unit has been operating 7 days a week, with its ambulance, between Catania and Syracuse to bring food and medicines to animals, where they are needed, after the recent flood that hit these territories and thanks to the generosity of many people.


Muzzle paws tied scotch dog rescued Catania

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