“I would not be defended by someone who has never been to a court”

“I would not be defended by someone who has never been to a court”
“I would not be defended by someone who has never been to a court”

Antonino Galletti, president of the Rome Bar Association, law does not enter qualifying degrees, what is the reason?
“I ask you a question: would you ever seek defense from a lawyer who has never been to court before?” I guess not, nobody would do it and yet a recent graduate, with a qualifying degree, could do it ».

Is it different for the health professions?
“I would be treated by a young doctor who has already been in the ward, because internships in the health professions are done with the university.”

What does a recent law graduate need to become a lawyer?
“We need a period of forensic practice, now it has been reduced from 2 years to 18 months. I think it is essential to attend the judicial offices. You have to learn to be a lawyer, the theory is different. Also to understand if and in which branch of the law he wants to specialize ».

For the magistrate?
“It’s the same thing. If a law graduate completes the competition in the judiciary, he does not immediately start acting as a judge, he first passes as a judicial auditor, like the forensic practice ».
Is the qualification outside the university still fundamental?
“Yes, as the degree is structured, yes”.

Should it be modified?
«We should change the whole course of study, so an overall discourse should be made to modify the faculty of law together with the lawyer and arrive at a faculty that not only prepares from a cultural but also a practical point of view. I imagine that the path should in any case be extended by at least a year ».

Will it be done in the future?

“I do not believe. In Italy there is a license exam to drive a moped and not to defend someone? As an order we protect the members but also all the people who must be defended. By practicing in law, the recent graduate also understands, for example, what interests him most between the civil, the criminal and the administrative. There are many job opportunities for a law graduate, even outside the courts ».


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