Italy weather November 22: strong AUTUMN, possible COLD and bad weather


Climatic weather conditions that up to now are proceeding, for better or worse, in the direction we had planned. Let’s say that Autumn, so far, has not lacked anything: cold, a bit of heat, thunderstorms, storms, hailstorms, cyclones.

So far, the real Atlantic disturbances have been lacking, yes, but for years now we have not seen the disturbed fronts appear with conviction on the Mediterranean. Observing the projections of the various computing centers we must tell you that the news highlighted in recent days have been amply confirmed. News oriented to bad weather, bad weather supported by incursions of moderately cold air.

We will have to be careful, as happened in the previous hours, to the dangerous Mediterranean cyclonic eddies because over the next week we expect a lot of rains.


In terms of cyclone vortices we must pay attention to what is happening in these hours because we are witnessing the deepening of a new depression close to Sardinia. This depression, in the central phase of next week, could cause severe bad weather on Sardinia and in other areas of Italy.

The precipitations will rise towards the north, probably involving the Tyrrhenian plants and some sectors of the South. As mentioned, it could be particularly violent precipitations, which locally could take on the character of a storm. As there are still uncertainties regarding the exact positioning of the vortex, it will be necessary to update again at the beginning of the week, because at that point the high-resolution models will probably be able to provide us with some more details.


Taking up what was written at the beginning, the daily emissions continue to show us deep North Atlantic depression waves, even some computer centers continue to support the thesis of the Arctic irruption, so be careful because cyclonic assaults could repeatedly knock on the Mediterranean.

Waves of bad weather could be intense, also because the seas surrounding our regions have a lot of excess heat to dispose of. Be careful, therefore, because between now and the next two weeks there could be massive changes, even a real upheaval in the trend of the autumn season that would be oriented in the direction of early cold waves.


Autumn will show its muscles once again, an Autumn that between now and the end of November could reserve us a lot of bad weather, even cold weather and the first important snowfalls at interesting altitudes.

We remind you that weather forecasts with a validity of up to 5 days have greater reliability, while this decreases as we move away over time.

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