Covid is a new respiratory virus, Piedmont is preparing an emergency plan for children

Covid is a new respiratory virus, Piedmont is preparing an emergency plan for children
Covid is a new respiratory virus, Piedmont is preparing an emergency plan for children

Piedmont prepares an emergency plan for children. There are actually two plans, because the respiratory syncytial virus it has also arrived in our Region. And sooner than expected

The first floor, already fired, is dedicated to young patients with Covid and defines the network and increased beds in the event of an increase in cases. The Regina Margherita and the Martini in Turin, the Novara hospital and other pediatric Covid in all the provinces. The second floor will be ready this week and has been designed precisely for the care of children affected by the syncytial virus (RSV), which reached the news with the news of the illness of the child of Fedez and Chiara Ferragni and with the alarm for a boom in cases in Italy. Infants who get sick need ventilation in the ICU. “There is some concern also in Piedmont, we have a severe case in Novara and others scattered throughout the Region”, says the director of the Dirmei Paolo Manno. Franca Fagioli, director of the Department of Pathology and Child Care at Regina Margherita says that there are about ten small patients in the children’s hospital: “No alarm, the children recover quickly enough. The RSV arrived earlier, it usually appears around the December 20 and last year he had not seen “.

Cases of parainfluenza are on the increase, especially among children. Doctors: “It is better to always keep the masks”

by Antonello Cassano

24 October 2021

At the moment there are few cases of children infected by Covid who need to be followed in the hospital: “At the moment we only have two”, says Fagioli. The maximum attention of the Region is therefore dedicated to children, but an emergency plan has also been prepared for adults. The president of Piedmont Alberto Cirio yesterday said he was ready to discuss even very rigid solutions such as the lockdown for the unvaccinated on the Austrian model in case the situation worsens: “I do not exclude anything, because the pandemic has taught us to give our best. and then move on the basis of what the scientific indicators tell us “. The plan prepared in the event of a sharp increase in the curve, explains Manno, does not include Covid Hospital, explains Manno: “We have decided to ask all hospitals to increase the share of intensive and sub-intensive beds.

At the moment, however, there are no reasons for alarm: it is true that new cases are on the rise (the quota of 400 is approaching) but 52.7% are asymptomatic. And the occupancy rate of the beds remains unchanged: only 21 patients in intensive care and 198 those in ordinary wards, down by eight.

Piedmont presents itself with an excellent report card to General Francesco Figliuolo who will be in Turin tomorrow and will participate in the Dirmei meeting scheduled for lunch. An opportunity for the president of Piedmont Alberto Cirio to submit again the request to authorize the departure of the third dose for school staff.

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