Bad weather in Campania, the weather alert returns: on Monday still rains and thunderstorms

Bad weather returns to rage over Campania. The regional Civil Protection has in fact issued a yellow weather alert valid from 6 am tomorrow morning, Monday 8 November, until 6 am on Tuesday 9 November throughout Campania.

Scattered precipitations are expected, including downpours and thunderstorms, punctually also intense. Possible gusts of wind in thunderstorms.

The disturbance will first affect the northern quadrants of the Campania region and then extend to the central-southern region of the region.

This weather picture is associated with a localized hydrogeological risk with possible landslides and rock falls even in the absence of precipitation due to the saturation of the soils. There are possible ground impact phenomena such as: surface runoffs and possible material transport phenomena; possible flooding of underground rooms and those on the ground floor; surface flow of water in roadways, possible regurgitation phenomena of rainwater disposal systems with overflow and involvement of depressed areas; raising of the hydrometric levels of watercourses, with flooding of the neighboring areas, also due to local criticalities (filling, narrowing, etc.); possible rock falls in several points of the territory; occasional landslides.

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Carmine Di Niro


Bad weather Campania weather alert returns Monday rains thunderstorms

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