“That man killed out of jealousy” and had just ordered 25 red roses – Corriere.it

“That man killed out of jealousy” and had just ordered 25 red roses – Corriere.it
“That man killed out of jealousy” and had just ordered 25 red roses – Corriere.it

The bar of Luigi Oste, for all Gino, has the shutters down and the pensioners of the neighborhood have been orphaned of two rooms in the same block of Corso Vercelli. The Gotthard, run by the family of Patrizia Cataldo, has never reopened after the murder of Massimo Melis, the 52-year-old ambulance, shot to the head on Halloween night. On the windows of the Blue Angel, 20 meters away, there is a sign with the words Closed for restoration. the place where Gino worked for 13 years, until Friday evening, when the Mobile police came to pick him up to take him to the police station. They are convinced that he is the killer and that he did it because he was madly in love with Patrizia and saw Massimo as a dangerous rival. A revelation that surprised everyone, especially the Bengali florist who presented himself with a bouquet of 25 long-stemmed red roses, ordered from the innkeeper on Friday evening. He told me to show up here before 2pm, but I don’t know who they are for – the unsuspecting florist repeated to those who asked him who the recipient was, despite having a precise answer in mind – It wasn’t the first time he asked me about roses . But who is paying me now ?.

This question also remains unanswered, like those that the investigators asked Gino on Friday evening, when he availed himself of the right not to answer. Born in Sicily, raised in Falchera, living in Barriera di Milano for over a decade. Luigi Oste’s life made up of displacements and hitches with justice. Some distant precedent for crimes against property, an old drug sentence served in prison and a recent arrest for injury and resistance to a public official. In the middle he was also involved in an investigation for receiving stolen spirits, but almost all his friends and customers know his past: Here we know everything about everyone, even if he did not talk about it – they say – In these days we have questioned ourselves about who the killer might be. The suspicion that it might be one of us, one of Barrier, was strong. But Gino would never have imagined it. He was calm, even though he never actually talked about Massimo’s story.

Nobody knew anything about his alleged resentment for the quiet operator of the Green Cross and his passion for Patrizia: Gino had separated a long time ago and lived in an apartment above the bar with his partner, who died of a bad illness. He became sad, he always went to the cemetery, then he seemed to be recovering. The usual Gino, a great Inter fan and excellent card player, was returning. After the summer, something changed again: He seemed worried, but no one ever suspected anything about this whole story. Massimo went to a bar, he stayed in his. They met right in the betting room to play the ticket and there were never any discussions. As for the girl’s speech, however, we often saw him go around the block, pass the bar and go behind the courtyard. Never imagined him doing it to see her, we thought his sudden walks were for heart problems. Innkeeper had planned an intervention in Vercelli and, last May, an ambulance rescued him in his bar due to a slight illness. It was precisely that of the Green Cross, the same where Massimo Melis climbed every day, the man who, according to the police, would have killed Gino with a .38 caliber revolver. Which he finds for no one.

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man killed jealousy ordered red roses Corriereit

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