Erik Tazzari, when the E-Valley started from ZERO

Erik Tazzari, when the E-Valley started from ZERO
Erik Tazzari, when the E-Valley started from ZERO

Erik Tazzari poses with the “E-Valley Pioneer Award” alongside the new ZERO BUGGY

Erik Tazzari has recovered from the small indisposition that on Wednesday 27 October at Ecomondo-Key Energy had prevented him from receiving the “E-Valley Pioneers” award awarded to him by Vaielettrico and MOTUS-E. We took it to him in Imola, at the headquarters of his Group, in via Selice 42.

“Pioneer of E-Valey” awarded at home

Erik Tazzari with the “E-Valley Pioneer” award at the entrance to the Imola factory. Behind him an electrified prototype of a legendary Land Rover Defender. It was made on commission from a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to put the conversion kit on the market. Then the operation didn’t go through and Erik kept it as a personal vehicle. He calls it a “bomb”, but the kit, he says, would cost at least 50,000 euros.

Inherited from his father the group specialized in the special machining of aluminum and automotive steels, in 2006 Erik founded Tazzari EV producing the first Italian electric four-wheeler on an industrial scale, the Tazzari ZERO.

Now the company is in full swing. There are less than 20 days to go until Eicma opens and Erik Tazzari’s team is frantically completing the development of the new vehicles in the range.

Eicma, last sprint for the debut of the new range

The new Tazzari EV range that will be presented at Eicma from 25 to 28 November The novelties on display at the Milanese two-wheeler fair (25-28 November, Hall 24 position E78) will be very many this year. A “fun to drive” vehicle, two ultra-compact models, two more for freight transport in Van and Pick-Up versions. The electric car ZERO EM2 Space, on the other hand, is coming out of the range and will be made available to other manufacturers under assembly and production licensing. But Erik is also lancaindo in the adventure of two wheels. He has just taken over Italian Volt with the Lacama electric superbike project. At Eicma he will present it in a new version, completely redesigned.

ZERO 4 BUGGY, re-enactment of a myth

The new four-wheeled vehicles in the Tazzari EV range are the ZERO 4 BUGGYs, dedicated in particular to the maritime areas and retro-classic inspired: it is a electric re-enactment of the Dune Buggy myth. It is classified as a heavy quadricycle, reaches 90 km / h and can be driven from 16 years with a B1 license and from 18 with a B car license. The lithium batteries are of two different sizes (standard and big), the frame is made of alloy aluminum with car type braking system and ABS supplied.

MINIMAX, ultra-compact with determination

The two new electric vehicles are called MINIMAX 45 and MINIMAX 80 ultra compact two-seater city which will debut at Eicma. The first is a light quadricycle (category L6e). It has a limited speed of 45 km / h and can be driven at the age of 14 with a license. The second is in category L7e, it can be driven at 16 with a B1 license or at 18 with a B license. It reaches 80 km / h. Chassis, batteries, handling, braking system comply with automotive safety standards, all in a minimum space, as befits a vehicle for mainly urban use.

A Cube MINIMAX for freight transport

MAXIMAX Cubo was developed on the same technological basis, transport vehicle zero-emission goods available in both Van and Pick-Up versions. It is also ultra-compact, but comfort and load capacity are designed for professional use. The maximum speed is 60 km / h.

“Now our business is to sell technology”

The Tazzari Group employs 380 employees, 70 of whom are dedicated to electric vehicles. Of the approximately 2,000 battery-powered specimens produced annually, the great part ends up abroad. But “our choice is not to push on direct production, but rather on licenses and the transfer of technology»Says Erik Tazzari. With the experience accumulated in fifteen years of work on electric vehicles, today the company is able to design and develop any type of BEV. The latest is a seven-seater SUV for a Chinese manufacturer. In all they are 48 commissioned projects from Erik Tazzari’s group thanks to skills that start from the assembly of the batteries to the chassis and the integration of the finished vehicle, passing through BMS, inverter, transmission and power train.

Lacama: the first e-bike that will weigh like a thermal

For the new superbike Lacama Tazzari has created a battery pack NMC 18650 cell (Tesla type) immersed in a liquid which increases performance and reduces the risk of fire. The frame in special aluminum alloys will be a monobloc in single casting. Erik Tazzari thus hopes to contain the weight just over 200 kg, therefore not so much more than an equal category with a thermal engine.

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