Rome, fear returns to the Ipercoop Roma Casilino: the Covid outbreak spreads

Infections within the bakery department of the Ipercoop in Rome Casilino continue to grow and have reached nine. There is a lot of concern in the hypermarket – especially among immunosuppressed workers – and the company’s responses are evasive and annoyed. The department in question is that of the bakery which is promiscuous with the Ricò, the Coop bar, and this arouses a lot of apprehension also for the customers of the commercial structure.

Covid outbreak at the Rome Casilino Hypercoop

“We sent the report to the AslRm2 – declares Francesco Iacovone, of the national Cobas – The succession of cases has aroused the fear that this outbreak is fueled by virtue of some practices that force workers to use mixed equipment and clothing: departments, only one thermal jacket was made available by the property to enter the cold rooms. This garment is then worn in turn by the employees without any sanitization or washing between one use and another. The same practice is adopted with the devices of the bakery department; only one pair of gloves is used by all employees and sanitation is not required after use. “

«We are also told that the temperature of the workers is never checked at the beginning of the shift – continues the union manager – but there is only a self-certification form that is only sporadically filled in. From the Unicoop management we received evasive and rude replies and on the tracking of cases, which I requested, he discharged the responsibility on the ASL to which he belongs. It is not responsible behavior in the face of this health crisis. “

“Unicoop Tirreno owes us several answers, starting from compliance with law 81/2008 for the part concerning the Workers’ Safety Representatives (RLS) who are under number and on whom we have recently sent a warning with the support of the lawyer Carlo Guglielmi. Because safety at work, in full pandemic, cannot and should not be a nuisance but a stubborn practice. ” – concludes Iacovone

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