The attack on Saverio Tommasi of Fanpage in the “no pass” parade in Milan


Fanpage journalist Saverio Tommasi was pushed during the “no green pass” parade in Milan. During the evening, the police identified 60 people

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November 7, 2021 | 13:55

“Ignore Fanpage, do not fall into provocations”. The mantra is repeated in the megaphone for the entire journey of the procession: in Milan the “No Green Pass” have the mandate not to speak to the press. And so the reporter from Fanpage Saverio Tommasi he found himself in a hostile climate, surrounded by demonstrators who harass him, harass him, push him. “They made me fly to the ground”, said the reporter in an interview with Next.

The corporate tone, “tortoise”, as Tommasi defined it, is also noticeable by how another man in the crowd, who had taken the journalist away from a situation that was becoming complicated, is publicly and generically pointed out as “An infiltrator”.

The riots at the “No Green Pass” parade in Milan

Overall they were circa 4000 i “No green pass” who participated in the parade. Disobeying the indications of the Police Headquarters, after a first part of the “official” route they deviated from the itinerary established by invading via Beatrice d’Este.

During the deviation phases of the itinerary, “the demonstrators provoked significant and deliberate inconvenience to traffic – the police station said – and public transport. Some agitated have even indulged in hostile actions and threats to unsuspecting motorists bottled up by sudden blocks deliberately made in several points all distant or inconsistent with the prescribed route ”.

During the evening the State Police identified 60 people who took part in the procession, accompanying 10 of them to the Police Headquarters which will be referred to the judicial authority. Two forms of Via Obbligatori were issued by the Municipality of Milan for a period of one year for two of these accompanied persons.


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