The twenty-three days of shame

The twenty-three days of shame
The twenty-three days of shame

A story strikes in this Italy grappling with the PNRR, the relaunch of the economy, the energy transition, the construction of new infrastructures and so on. This is the story of Ennio Di Lalla: 86 years old, a former ACEA executive now retired. It took him twenty-three days (twenty-three!) To set foot in his apartment, in the Don Bosco district of Rome, after some rom they had occupied it for him. It is the story of a regulatory vacuum that forces the rightful owners to leave with their tails between their legs and wait for a judge to sign it. evicted and give back what rightfully belongs to him. But it is also the story of an abuse that will almost certainly go unpunished (how many there are every day!) And that sees a nomad, just cleared by the police, leave as if nothing had happened and promise: “We will do it again”.

The apartment, Ennio Di Lalla, had left him to go for some tests at the hospital, an Ecg and other routine visits. Yes, because the unfortunate elderly person is also heart disease and perhaps it is also for this reason that he was targeted. When he returned to his neighborhood after a couple of days, nothing seemed to have changed. The patch of the house, that indeed had changed. And also the name that was written on the bell. The keys to open the door no longer turned and, when he insisted, pounding on the door and repeatedly ringing the bell, a lady appeared who, holding a child in her arms, ordered him to leave because the house had become his. The light contract had already been changed, and a new name was also on the letterbox. To say the least surreal.

In a normal country, in such a situation, the victim goes to the police and this, by hook or by crook, throws out the occupants (maybe even arrest them, given that the Private property should be inviolable). Not in Italy. As there is no flagrant crime, the agents have their hands tied. And so it happens that you have to file a complaint and wait. Wait for a judge to sign the eviction order. And the days go by.

Ennio Di Lalla waited twenty-three.

In the meantime he went as a guest to his brother. Meanwhile, the occupants have literally devastated his home. “There were dozens, I mean, hundreds of unlit cigarettes on the table. Their dog’s pee, a dogo, scattered all over the place.”, he says in an interview with Corriere della Sera. After seeing the destruction left by the nomads, he felt ill. “In 23 days they even had time to move – he explains – inside there is a television that is not mine, they also changed the curtains in the living room”. Now he will have to clean it from top to bottom. After the eviction, the investigating judge seized the property and appointed Mr. Ennio as its guardian. “I’m the keeper of my house …”, he comments disconsolately.

Unfortunately, the story of Ennio Di Lalla is not an isolated case. The weather he did some research and published the numbers of the scandal: in the whole country there are at least 30 thousand houses occupied, seven thousand are in Rome. And it is not surprising that in the 86-year-old’s building there are also two other buildings in the hands of the squatters. Are these the ones who warned the Roma? Very possible. The problem, however, lies in the near impossibility of getting the better of these criminals. Di Lalla’s has become a media case and managed to get the better of it within three weeks. But all the other victims? Always on Weather Francesco Storace explains that a deputy of the League, Manfredo Potenti, is working on a law “to eradicate a now rampant social scourge”. It is the right way to go. And it must be done as soon as possible.

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