Moto3 GP Algarve, Pedro Acosta wins and is world champion. Foggia fallen

Moto3 GP Algarve, Pedro Acosta wins and is world champion. Foggia fallen
Moto3 GP Algarve, Pedro Acosta wins and is world champion. Foggia fallen

In Portimao the Spaniard of team Ajo is world champion: he wins the race in front of Migno and Antonelli, while Dennis is involved in a crash on the last lap and must surrender after a great race

Pedro Acosta celebrates the Moto3 world championship by winning the Algarve GP of the small: the Spaniard of Ktm Ajo, a rookie in the category, wins in front of Andrea Migno and Niccolò Antonelli after a race that saw Dennis Foggia great protagonist, but knocked down in the final lap by Darryn Binder, then disqualified for irresponsible driving. A bad ending after an intense and fair battle between two very strong contenders.

what a duel

The skirmishes that have been going on for some time between the two rivals, Acosta and Foggia, continued also in the warm up with small stings from the Spaniard, were revised in the final race when the two entered into direct battle. Foggia used intelligence, with a solid race, often led in the lead thanks to a very fast bike on the straight, while Acosta did not make calculations, with a decisive and aggressive driving in the risky skirmishes of a possessed group. In the final lap the key episode: Binder misses the times and knocks down Foggia, in that second moment, but with the cue to attack the leader Acosta and keep the world championships open, and must surrender. The title belongs to Acosta, great revelation of the season and champion at just 17 years old. His celebration, with a rod fishing for a casket with a rainbow helmet, highlights his humble origins and the activity of his father, a fisherman from Puerto de Mazarron.

The race

Sergio Garcia sprints well at the start, while Artigas pulls off his teammate Foggia who is fifth, with Acosta 12th. A lap and Foggia takes the lead, with a splendid overtaking outside the first braking, and begins to dictate the pace. Acosta also disguises himself as ‘Por Fuera’ and goes back up, first fifth, then third after a great duel with Artigas. The Foggia-Binder-Acosta-Artigas quartet takes the edge and the duel is tight in the lead. On the second lap Acosta is second, attacks Foggia, but is rejected, while the group is compacted, with Masia, Garcia, Migno and Antonelli fighting in the leading pack. On the 13th lap Masia spares the cards: he gets hard on Foggia, takes the lead and takes his partner Acosta with him. In front there is now a wild bunch of ten riders in less than 1 “of gap, with close battles and assorted fairies and 5 laps from the end the duel in the head between the leader Foggia and Acosta, second again. with 3 laps to go, Masia falls and Foggia fights to regain his position. On the last lap the key episode: Acosta passes Foggia and Binder tries to enter the gap too, fighting with Garcia, who misses the times and knocks down the driver Roman. Title to Acosta, accompanied on the podium by two Italians, Migno and Antonelli, but Foggia deserved to fight until the finish line. Poisonous tail: Binder shows up in the Leopard box, but is dismissed after a face to face with Foggia that outlines the tension Acosta impressed, winning the title with 6 victories, but from mid-season Foggia showed to have great qualities: their duel deserved a different ending: without accidents, hazards, disqualifications, anger and regrets.

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Moto3 Algarve Pedro Acosta wins world champion Foggia fallen

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