Massimo Melis killed out of jealousy

The motive that led a 62-year-old man to kill Massimo Melis, the 52-year-old operator of the Green Cross found dead, with a gunshot to the head, in his car last Sunday, on the northern outskirts of Turin, would be sentimental. The alleged murderer, Luigi Oste, was stopped on Friday evening by the Flying Squad: according to the investigators he acted out of jealousy.

Massimo Melis, dinner with the ex and then the murder

The 62-year-old was in fact, attending the bar where the woman the victim had accompanied home shortly before being killed worked, would have fallen in love with her hoping for a relationship that never happened. The refusal, however, would not have made the man desist who, on the contrary, when he saw the woman and the victim, who in the past had had a relationship, start dating again, he would have become jealous and jealousy would have grown over the weeks until it resulted in in the epilogue on Sunday evening when, according to the reconstruction made by the investigators, he would have approached the car in which Massimo Melis had boarded after taking his friend home, he would have opened the door and fired a shot in the victim’s head.

The murder weapon is still missing

To date, the weapon, most likely a revolver, has not been recovered and the detainee has exercised the right not to answer. The investigations were developed through the videos found in the area, the analysis of the records and the listening of witnesses that allowed the investigators to reconstruct the circumstantial picture that led to the arrest. The investigations will continue in the coming days to investigate further aspects of the incident.


Massimo Melis killed jealousy

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