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Men and women

A scene will not be broadcast: what happened and what we will not see

Published on November 6, 2021

During thelast registration of Men and Women, which was made on Friday 5 November 2021, there was a scene in which the tones became too bright. Hence, as Il Vicolo delle News explains, the decision of the broadcast not to broadcast it entirely on Canale Cinque during the airing of the dating show orchestrated by Maria De Filippi. From what leaked, at one point, in the lounge of UeD we moved on to talk about Ida Platano and Diego Tavani that they were supposed to leave the program last week. Eventually they gave up.

Thus a moment is shown in which the man cries, dejected, convinced that he has lost the woman. Also in the images transmitted, Ida was seen feeling sorry for the tears shed by Diego with whom she then had a confrontation in which she advised him to rethink the decisions made. Tavani looked favorable. Eventually the two agreed to take some time to reflect.

We returned to the studio, with Diego claiming to have heard the Platano shortly after the penultimate recording. The man said that suddenly Ida no longer replied to his messages. Ready the reply of the lady who explained that there was nothing to answer. That’s why he didn’t opt ​​for any replicas. And that’s when the clutches began.

Tavani said Ida could at least have told him how the son since he was careful to try to get news about it. Platano, in a decisive way, advised him not to put his son in the middle. In the studio there was chaos, with Armando who called Diego a fake and a liar. Also intervened in the tussle Tina Cipollari who thundered a “scoundrel” and used other very strong terms.

The quarrel has gradually become even more hard and acid so that Diego has asked Maria De Filippi not to broadcast the scene because he does not want his son to see it, sure that it would be very bad.

In conclusion of the recording, Ida stated that she intends to leave as she cannot find any man to suit her. Tavani sat down again, being promptly criticized. When they made him understand that he too should have lifted the curtains, in the light of his profession of love, he replied that he did not understand Ida’s intentions. So he got up and went out with her making sure he wanted to be together.

Last word to Maria De Filippi who explained that Ida wanted to go out alone. On what will happen outside the show, everyone will give free to do what they prefer. The curtain falls.

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