Abrignani (Cts): “Lockdown for No-vax important choice”

Abrignani (Cts): “Lockdown for No-vax important choice”
Abrignani (Cts): “Lockdown for No-vax important choice”

As was to be expected, the proposed lockdown limited to unvaccinated only arrives in Italy. After the news concerning the new provisions of Austria, even in our country we begin to talk about a similar provision, and to do so is the member of the CTS Sergio Abrignani who, interviewed by The print, defines the choice of limiting freedom to those who have not received the serum as “very important“.

Then there is another point on which the director of the Invernizzi National Institute of Molecular Genetics insists, namely the vaccination some children.

Now we think of the children

For the member of the CTS it seems difficult to start subjecting the little ones to the serum before 2022, a lot depends on when the EMA authorization arrives. Abrignani communicates some data to strengthen the proposal to also include the children in the vaccination campaign. “Already now we see asymptomatic infections between 5 and 16 years and we know from the data of the Higher Institute of Health that a quarter of infections occur in the pediatric age“, he explains. But if we talk in most of asymptomatic infections, why vaccinate? The professor replies:”Vaccination of this group is necessary to counteract the main reservoir of the virus, as well as to avoid the rare serious cases that have led to 42 deaths of children since the beginning of the pandemic.“.

Third dose

While waiting to leave with the children, the authorities are thinking of going shipped with the third dose, for now available to people over 60 and people considered fragile. Very soon, however, the circle will be widened to the over 50s and probably will not stop at these categories. “Then we will see what should be done based on the available data and the trend of the contagion“, says Abrignani, who does not exclude a fourth dose for the future.”We can’t know for sure, but the hope is that it will happen as with other vaccinations, where the third dose lasts longer with a memory of at least 5-10 years“, explains the member of the CTS.

And the Green pass? According to Abrignani, after receiving the third dose, the green certification could be valid for up to a year. “It would be a sensible decision both for the duration of immunity and to incentivize people to booster, especially those over 50 who are at greater risk of antibody drop and serious illness.“, he affirms. So there is talk of a more extensive application of the Green pass than expected, even if in the future, Abrignani speculates, there may be changes:”It will depend on the data and the pandemic situation. These are choices that belong to politics, even if as an immunologist I think that any decision leads to a reduction of the danger must be taken“.

Lockdown for the unvaccinated

And just talking about decisions aimed at reducing the danger, the lockdown argument for i is introduced not vaccinated, model Austria. “It is a radical choice, but very important. It is necessary to understand that we also vaccinate ourselves so as not to infect the places of social life and work“, declares Abrignani.”The Green Pass is the means that guarantees the safety of our life outside the home“, he adds with certainty. Moreover, the member of the CTS specifies that, as an immunologist, he is also in favor of the strengthening of the Green pass and the obligation to vaccinate.

The choice of some people not to join the vaccination campaign is debated, according to Abrignani about 7 million. The professor, however, is convinced that at least 5 million may still be involved with a communication campaign. The certainties of those who, on the other hand, prove inflexible, are defined “delusional“.

The CTS member then states that “almost all the sick and dead these days are No Vax“. Once again, Sergio Abrignani talks about the importance of vaccination, which”it protects 75 per cent from contagion and over 90 per cent from hospitalization and death“. With the arrival of the cold, the more contagious Delta variant and the greater gatherings in closed places, according to the CTS member, an increase in infections is to be expected, which however will be less than in the past”thanks to the vaccinated, certainly not to the unvaccinated“.

The issue of vaccine effects

During the long interview, Abrignani also addresses the issue of adverse effects, feared by those who until now have refused to undergo the serum. The professor states that “it should take years to verify them“, but then adds”in all vaccines the side effects are immediate in the allergic case and in the first weeks in the very rare case of thrombosis. There is no vaccine that has caused problems in the long run“.

The arrival of new ones cure against Covid does not exclude vaccination, which remains the only real solution for Abrignani: “Monoclonal antibodies cure 40 percent of the sick and the new experimental pill 50. Better the vaccine, which doesn’t make you sick at all“. Same goes for those who naturally contracted the disease:”They risk getting sick again and, especially after the age of 50, they would do well to take two doses“.

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