The photos of the great environmental demonstration in Glasgow

The photos of the great environmental demonstration in Glasgow
The photos of the great environmental demonstration in Glasgow

On Saturday, tens of thousands of people attended an environmental demonstration in Glasgow, Scotland, where COP26, the annual UN-organized climate conference is currently being held. There are no verifiable estimates on the number of people who attended the event, but the organizers spoke of 100,000 people and photos and testimonies seem to confirm a large participation, despite bad weather conditions during most of the day.

The demonstration on Saturday was not the first organized during COP26 – on Friday there was one of the youth movement Fridays For Future -, but it was the most attended so far, on a day in which there were environmental events and demonstrations in many cities around the world.

The mood of the protesters was mostly joyful, despite widespread dissatisfaction with the results achieved so far by COP26, and during the march the claims did not concern only environmental issues. As the New York Times, the global environmental movement has now become an umbrella that brings together many other movements for social justice, many of which are also present in Glasgow with banners and placards.

What is COP26
COP26, like the 25 conferences that preceded it, generally aims to bring together 196 countries around the world to carry out shared initiatives to combat climate change and avoid its most harmful effects for humanity, avoiding creating further problems or injustices.

In practice, each COP – a name that stands for Conference of the Parties, and the Parties are the countries that have signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, more commonly referred to by the English acronym UNFCCC – has specific objectives, linked to what was done in the previous COPs. The 2015 Paris COP21 note, for example, had the objective of approving a new major agreement that established the commitments between 2020 and 2030 based on the shared points that emerged in the COPs of previous years. Subsequent COPs, on the other hand, had to better define some of the obligations mentioned in the Paris Agreement, the mechanisms for verifying compliance and other aspects to be able to put it into practice.

COP26 in particular will seek to define a method to ensure that countries comply with the commitments on reducing greenhouse gas emissions that they have agreed to make by signing the Paris Agreement. So far, among the most talked about COP26 results have been an agreement between 40 countries to phase out coal for electricity generation and a 100-country agreement against deforestation.

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