In Como the first professional university in Italy. Here is who proposes it

Europe is about to finance a € 235 billion EU Next Generation Plan. It contains a large number of proposals, objectives, lines of financing for the relaunch of Italy and also of our Como. In order to access these investments, vision, planning and operational skills are needed, with the aggregation of strengths and skills to ensure the achievement of results.

“Whoever is applying to administer Como – supports the Agenda Como 2030 group through a study of the Italian Program by Carlo Cottarelli – will have to have a vision of the future of the city and be able to guide a complex process. Or nothing, because even these trains can pass and go elsewhere. Implementing European projects is no joke, but it is even more difficult to give a small city a European breath “.

“Scrolling through the resources, there is a loan of 1.5 billion euros that sponsors an ITS acronym that would seem to be the acronym for a high school curriculum. This is not the case. ITS are two-year post-diploma courses that form specialist and technical professional skills such as those of Professional Universities, which do not yet exist in Italy. These courses, which few attend because they are rare and not very publicized, respond to the need of companies to have expert and qualified technicians “.

“Not only that, they represent the solution for those students who are not looking for a long specialization course at university but who need to qualify their training, transforming it into a defined technical profession. In fact, they are shorter courses because they are very focused, with a component practice and internship in the field. The recruitment data after attending these courses speak of hires above 80% and “consistent” with the professional profile, often resulting from the internship “.

“Large foundations, which bring together Universities, Schools, Training Centers, Research Centers and companies, carry out the paths that are designed on the needs of local economies. We come to Como. Textile / Fashion, Furniture, Tourism are the sectors that represent us and which constitute the source of economic wealth of our province but also of know-how that must continuously update, grow and spread to make businesses and human resources grow. We know that innovation and skills are the key elements that allow us to compete in the market global”.

“The proposal, in a vision of a city that goes towards the future and invests in young people, consists in designing a path to arrive, with the funds of the PNRR, to establish a pole for professional tertiary training of excellence with the collaboration of Insubria and Politecnico, Comonext, the Vocational Training Centers and the Como schools as well as trade associations and companies that want to invest in human capital. The First Professional University of Italy: the physical spaces are there, the skills and professional areas are available, the resources to create this Polo have now been allocated to a five-year program “.

“The idea of ​​a professional university of excellence that uses the notoriety of Made in Como in those sectors can also become attractive for students who, in the rest of Europe, are looking for high-level training proposals. This would also respond to the availability of “Beds” in the low season and “knowledge tourism” that will lead some of these students to move even after their training. To close or to open up? In this dilemma, our political components have made a clear choice. Europe is the space in which Como must move and “Europe” means “open gaze”. Whoever manages Como must have this gaze “.

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