Luigi Oste: who is the man accused of the murder of Massimo Melis in Turin

His name is Luigi Oste, he is 62 years old and he comes from Piazza Armerina in the province of Enna. He is the man first arrested and then arrested in the night between Friday and Saturday on charges of killing Massimo Melis in via Gottardo in Turin. Oste resides in the Barriera Milano district, the same where the operator of the Green Cross lived, who was shot in the head in a parking lot after he drove his ex-girlfriend Patrizia Cataldo home. Host before the prosecutor Chiara Canepa made use of the right not to answer and today the Judge for the preliminary investigations will decide on the validation. As a barista by trade in a place opposite Patrizia’s parents, Oste is defended by the lawyer Salvo Lo Greco.

The clues

Patrizia Cataldo had made her name her own. Who had told immediately after the crime that there was a man who followed her and annoyed her, courting her insistently. Massimo had taken her home on Halloween night just to defend her. The police collected Whatsapp messages and images from surveillance cameras. Oste was a building contractor and was prejudiced with convictions for crimes against property and drug dealing. Last June he was arrested for injuries and resistance to a public official. Investigators came to him through a frame from the cameras in the area. There are no images of the place where Melis was shot dead in his blue Fiat Punto, but the presence of the 62-year-old in the surrounding area was recorded at the time, around 9 pm, when the operator lost his life. And subsequently confirmed also by the printouts and by the telephone cells.

The reconstruction

According to the investigators’ reconstruction, the killer opened Melis’s car door a few meters from the high-rise buildings in Via Gottardo. Then he pulled the trigger on a .38 caliber revolver. The police still haven’t found her. Finally he closed the door and walked away. Right from the start, Patrizia Cataldo had told the investigators that there was a client of her father Alessandro’s bar, where she works, who has been courting her since this summer. Innkeeper would have seen in Melis, whom he knew by sight, a rival. For this he would have killed him.

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Luigi Oste man accused murder Massimo Melis Turin

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