Crime of Turin, that’s who Gino is, the alleged killer of Massimo Melis

Crime of Turin, that’s who Gino is, the alleged killer of Massimo Melis
Crime of Turin, that’s who Gino is, the alleged killer of Massimo Melis

Five shops and three doors separate the bar L’angelo Azzurro in Corso Vercelli where the alleged murderer of Massimo Melis from that, at the corner with via Gottardo, where the ambulance driver of the green cross went to have coffee to meet his friend Patrizia. A shop window of the optician, two of the betting room, a minimarket, a closed shop, an internet point, at house numbers 159, 161 and 163. A few tens of meters of a wide sidewalk where you always meet the same faces in the comings and goings daily. And it was here that Luigi Oste, known to everyone as Gino, sometimes met the man who killed last Sunday, at nine in the evening, with a gunshot to the head. A crime that has shaken those who live in Barriera di Milano, and who for days have been wondering who could have wanted to harm that good angel, as everyone describes Massimo.

Turin, carried out in the crime of Massimo Melis: the alleged murderer stopped. Luigi Oste killed out of jealousy, already arrested in June

by Sarah Martinenghi

November 06, 2021

The shutter of the Caffè Gottardo has not been raised since last Sunday, that of the Blue Angel – sad coincidence for the history of Turin – was lowered yesterday afternoon immediately after the news spread that the alleged murderer was the bartender. A curious sign appeared on the glass: “Closed for restoration”.

People pass by, inquire at the locals’ knots, and receive half words and nods of understanding in response. Nobody likes to talk too openly. “We immediately understood that he could have been one of us – says a merchant – Here people live within very precise boundaries. Of course, knowing about Gino is impressive, we weren’t expecting it at all”.

No one had connected the fact that he could be the sixty-two-year-old offender suspected of being Patrizia’s stalker. Also because no one knew of his infatuation with her. In retrospect, people are now amazed, Gino was one of the few who had never made a comment or a hypothesis on the death of Massimo Melis. “Never a word these days, but we hadn’t noticed it. Here we make all our own affairs and Gino made them even more”, remember the acquaintances in front of the bar. And now it sounds almost like a clue since, more or less openly, everyone was talking about Massimo’s murder, even at the tables of the Blue Angel.
Closed person, Gino. Falchera’s son where his name is still remembered. Not a saint’s shin. “But to kill like this … who could have imagined it,” says those who know him. He had been in prison and served a long sentence for drug dealing in the late 1990s. Everyone knew it, nobody talked about it. But in his past there were also other precedents for theft and a recent arrest. It had happened in June, when he had had a fight on the street and when a patrol arrived he had also taken it out with the agents, resulting in an arrest for injuries and resistance to a public officer.

Many in the neighborhood knew him even in the most intimate aspects. In Barriera they remember when, after the divorce from his wife, with whom he had two daughters, he had come to live together in the high-rise buildings of Corso Vercelli with a Chinese woman, mother of two children. A few years ago they had taken over the bar where even Gino – who has an inactive VAT number as a building contractor – started working. The woman passed away a year ago due to lung cancer “and not a day went by that he did not go to the cemetery to visit her – they say in the neighborhood – we saw him going to buy flowers and then returning here a few hours later”.

Nobody imagined that he had started to court Patrizia. “I actually saw him as strange – reflects a customer of the bar – but not for a week. He had changed after the summer. He was no longer the person he was before: agitated, distracted, restless”. The times roughly coincide with the approaches to Patrizia, the girl behind the counter of the nearby bar. A girl even more difficult to approach than others since Gino, as a barista, could not even find the excuse to go and have a coffee with her. “But for some time we had seen him walking around there – says a tenant -, he was taking a walk around the block”. He passed in front of the Caffè Gottardo, turned the corner, peering into all the shop windows to see if Patrizia was there or not, then he walked straight ahead, passed in front of the woman’s house and there too he checked from the windows if she was at home. . Then he came back. A routine that made Patrizia “uncomfortable”, who had asked for help from Massimo, her old boyfriend and friend of all time, to stay close to her and protect her from the man who was bothering her. Massimo said yes, as he always did. Paying with your life.

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