Italy among the most desired destinations in the world: the report

What are the most popular destinations for international travelers? To reveal it, two polls of the World Travel Market 2021, which took place at the Excel Center in London from 1 to 3 November, for the first time after two years in the presence of all the Italian regions and with the involvement of over 130 stakeholders.

The first survey was conducted on a sample of 1,000 British consumers and found that 42% of UK adults would consider going on holiday to Saudi Arabia, while 19% of respondents, even considering the unlikely hypothesis, would be willing to think about it.

Based on the second survey, conducted on 676 travel industry professionals international, 51%, or just over half, had scheduled meetings and business meetings with Saudi companies at the WTM which took place in London in recent days.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia’s goal is to reach 100 million tourists by 2030, through very ambitious projects, which have made it the most cited destination during the event: but not the only one. In second place among the most desired destinations in the world is Italy, (the favorite of 48% of respondents), followed by Greece (38%).

Italy with Enit – National Tourism Agency brought together the operators of the sector and concentrated the debate on future tourism trends. THE visitors from the UK they are at the top of the Italian ranking. Suffice it to say that the tourist expenditure of British travelers is around 3.8 billion euros and tends to increase by + 7%.

the regions in which the British invest the most are: Lazio (655.3 million euros), Lombardy (536 million euros) and Campania (514 million euros), which acquire approximately 45% of the total expenditure. Hotels and tourist villages receive 55.2% of the total expenditure of tourists arriving from the United Kingdom equal to 2.1 billion euros (+ 1.1%). This is followed by the hospitality of relatives and friends with 564.7 million euros (+ 28.6%) and agritourisms and B & Bs with 473.4 million euros (-2.6%).

As for the types of preferred holidays, in the first place we find that cultural, for which 36.7% of the total expenditure is spent, that is to say about 1.4 billion euros. Follows the seaside holiday with about 600 million euros (+ 3.7%), while the expenditure for the sports holiday records the highest increase (+ 27%), going from 44 million euros to 56 million euros.

There are 13.7 million presences in the accommodation facilities from the United Kingdom to Italy: the British prefer hospitality in hotels, which host 73.5% of the total. In the first places there are Veneto (with 2.6 million presences), Campania (1.9 million) and Lombardy (1.6 million) which receive 44.6% of the total nights, while in Calabria there is the higher growth in tourist flows (+ 44.3%).

“We are back to talking about incoming and Italy is the second most searched destination in Europe (12.2 million flights searched) and the third in the world”, declared the president of ENIT, Giorgio Palmucci.

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