The potato chip crisis in Britain

After overcoming the panic caused by fuel increases and the soaring prices for heating, the British have to deal with a new and very particular shortage: that of potato chips.

In fact, for a few days the shelves of British shops and supermarkets have been completely empty, without retailers having the opportunity to refill them. The problem arises from an update of the computer system at Walkers, the largest British manufacturer: a deficit that, unfortunately for the British, could last for weeks.

Walkers, owned by PepsiCo, said that although the problems related to updating the system have been resolved, the factories will not reach full production until the end of November, which means the “ crisis ” of the chips and the shortage. at retailers it will not be resolved in the foreseeable future.

A spokesperson for Walkers, which is based in Leicester, central England, explained the nature of the problem: “A recent update of the IT system has interrupted the supply of some of our products. Our sites continue to produce chips and snacks but on a smaller scale. We are doing everything we can to increase production and get people’s favorite potato chips back on the shelves. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. “

In order to plug the shortage, the company has prioritized the production of its most popular potato chip flavors, not least because the lack of the most popular snacks in Britain has forced consumers to buy other products and brands.

In Great Britain, chips are undoubtedly among the favorite snacks, ” present ” in different situations, as a snack for children or in a pub over a beer, up to the classic consumption on the sofa in front of a good movie. A testament to the love of English and cousins ​​for chips is the data of a research conducted by Kantar: on average, people in Great Britain eat about two 25-gram bags of chips a week and 141,000 tons of chips are sold in the country every year. chips.

Meanwhile, in the British media there is no shortage of protests from citizens, disappointed and dejected by the empty shelves of supermarkets, without knowing when they will be able to go back to “ munching ” their favorite fries.

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