The mayor has sworn, the city council restarts its activity in the Galimberti Bis

The mayor has sworn, the city council restarts its activity in the Galimberti Bis
The mayor has sworn, the city council restarts its activity in the Galimberti Bis

The first municipal council of the second Galimberti administration was organized on Saturday morning, at an unusual time: scheduled for November 6 starting at 10, has on the agenda all the first institutional steps foreseen at the opening of the council. The city council was held in attendance in the Estense Hall, without public.

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The faces in the city council in the Galimberti Bis 4 of 31

However, the collective vision “in presence” was possible at the Santuccio theater, a few steps from Palazzo Estense: to participate in this curious “civic giant screen” were about seventy – a considerable number for the normality of the municipal councils – who were also greeted by the mayor Galimberti before the start of the session.


In all, the councilors in the first session were 31: justified absent, because unfortunately in quarantine, the former councilor Dino De Simone.



These are the items on the agenda of the first municipal council of the “Galimberti bis”:

At the first point the validation of the condition of eligibility and compatibility of the auditor and the directors municipal, in the second point theelection of the president of the city council, to the third the oath of the mayor, to the fourth the communication to the council of the municipal council – which the mayor has already presented at Palazzo Estense a few days ago – to the fifth the communication of the group leaders appointed advisers, and finally to the sixth the election of the electoral commission municipal.

The discussion on the first point, before the election of the president of the city council, was chaired by the “Senior Counselor” who paradoxically turned out to be a 24-year-old young man in his first experience in the city council: Matteo Capriolo.


After the validation of mayor and city councilors, the second item on the agenda was the election of the president of the city council. It was to become one Alberto Coen Porisini, former rector of the University of Insubria and municipal councilor of the Varese Praticittà civic list He was elected, in the first session of the municipal council, with the vote of PD, Varese Praticittà, Progetto Concittadino and Lavoriamo per Varese with Galimberti mayor. The minority voted white ballot.

«It was a missed opportunity – he commented Matteo Bianchi the center-right mayoral candidate, now in the minority of the council – Because no kind of dialogue was sought with the minorities. Our white ballot is already a positive sign: a positive sign that it did not come from the majority banks, given that in the secret ballot they lost two votes».

In fact, the vote saw 18 in favor (out of 20 representatives of the majority) and 14 blank ballots (out of 12 representatives of the minority). It is a mystery who the two “snipers” are.

Alberto Coen Porisini new president of the Varese city council


The third item on the agenda was the mayor’s oath Davide Galimberti, who took the opportunity to recall how “In this municipal council we will literally make the history of the city, considering the possibilities and responsibilities that the PNRR funds will give us”

«The next five years will be decisive for the future of the city and the country, for the great opportunities that lie ahead and above all for the choices we face – said the mayor – Five years ago I faced this experience with great emotion. Today the sense of responsibility is even greater today. We are in a unique era, in which it is necessary to keep together and not divide, to collaborate with the different political and social souls. This administration will move in the name of collaboration and confrontation. The hope is that many proposals will arrive, many initiatives by the council, to enhance the decisive role that this assembly must have. I think there are the conditions to go down in history even with respect to this, to ensure that the dialectical confrontation aimed at building and consolidating our city, first of all passes from here. Today in this Council there are many figures with political experience but never as this time also many young people: this is also a significant fact ».

In the video, all the words of the reconfirmed mayor of Varese in the first session of the city council.

The fourth point of the session was the communication of the Board Appointed by Galimberti: as already presented last week, Ivana Perusin And Deputy mayor but it will also have the Department of Economic Development. Cristina Buzzetti he is councilor for Resources e Rossella Di Maggio to the Educational Services. Andrea Civati has the Department of Territorial Planning, Maintenance, Planning and Implementation of public works, the Department of Social Services is led by Roberto Molinari. The councilor for local police and civil protection also remains in place Raffaele Catalano, Nicoletta San Martino she is the councilor for the environment, sustainability and circular economy. Stefano Malerba he is councilor for Sport and Human Resources while Enzo Laforgia he holds the role of councilor for culture.



Three of the most voted directors – Andrea Civati, Roberto Molinari and Rossella Dimaggio – have become councilors: therefore the 13 PD councilors who will sit in the city council are Matteo Capriolo, Luisa Oprandi, Luigi Miedico, Francesca Ciappina, Luca Paris, Giacomo Fisco, Luca Battistella, Helen Yildiz, Michele Di Toro, Domenico Marasciulo, Manuela Lozza, Lorenzo Macchi e Alessandro Pepe. Parent company was appointed Giacomo Fisco.

The composition of the two directors also changes for Lavoriamo per Varese: since Nicoletta San Martino she became councilor for the environment, with Guido Bonoldi in the city council will return Giuseppe Pullara, who in the last two years has represented Italia Viva, after being elected to the Democratic Party. Pullara will be the group leader of the civic list.

For Varese Praticittà, after the appointment as deputy mayor of Ivana Perusin, to sit in the city council there will be Francesca Strazzi, Maria Paola Cocchiere e Alberto Coen Porisini. Francesca Strazzi will be the group leader of the list.

Changes also for the Concittadino Project: having been appointed councilor Enzo Laforgia, with Maria Grazia d’Amico it will be Dino De Simone, the councilor for the outgoing environment, who will be group leader.

On the other hand, everything remains the same in the center-right, where the mayoral candidate will sit in the city council – and confirmed it immediately after the outcome of the vote – first and foremost the candidate for mayor Matteo Bianchi. then, for the League there will be four councilors: Emanuele Monti, Francesca Brianza, Barbara Bison, e Stefano Angei. Group leader for them will be Barbara Bison.

For Varese with Bianchi Mayor, who has now taken the name of Polo delle Libertà, there will be three people to sit on the council:Domenico Esposito, Simone Longhini e Luca Boldetti. The latter will be the group leader on the list.

For Brothers of Italy they will be in council Luigi Zocchi e Salvatore Giordano, and the group leader will be Zocchi. For “For a Great Varese – Varese garden city” there will be in the council Roberto Puricelli and for Varese Ideal he returns to the council Stefano Clerici.

Pd first party and the collapse of Forza Italia and Lega: how the Varese city council has changed in twenty years

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