The adventure of Fabio Galante and Giada Lini a Dancing with the Stars 2021. The former defender loses the final play-off with Alvise Rigo and is officially eliminated from Milly Carlucci’s program. Now he has only one chance: to rejoin the match through the repechage mechanism. But it won’t be easy for Fabio Galante and Giada Lini, who have now been negatively labeled by the jury. Before the play-off lost against Alvise, Fabio Galante did not hold back in giving judge Guillermo Mariotto some jabs, who with his 3 on the blades would have condemned him to certain elimination. “You can’t give it a three like that,” grumbles Galante. Even if in the end he has to accept the verdict of the public at home: he is out, Alvise Rigo remains in the race. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Fabio Galante and Giada Lini, for Mariotto the former defender is terrible

Fabio Galante has fun with his teacher Giada Lini with the twist of this fourth episode of Dancing with the Stars 2021. “Jade is doing a good job with him,” says Carolyn Smith. “Little but it improves”, adds Fabio Canino. Ivan Zazzaroni she teases him, as usual, but then gives him the sop: “like a pretty good dance, come on”. Selvaggia Lucarelli reflects on her pirate look and expresses some perplexity, between irony and pungent judgments. Guillermo Mariotto barely holds back the laughter: “for me it’s terrible, worse and worse… he looked like a ghost. Last week I pardoned him because it was Halloween. All terrible, even his expressions “. Bruzzone, on the other hand, appreciates the effort. Matano as well. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Will the next eliminated of Dancing with the Stars 2021 be Fabio Galante and Giada Lini?

The race of Dancing with the Stars 2021 it becomes more and more compelling and also Fabio Galante and Giada Luini they must give their best. Sparks are expected from them, as they are both endowed with charm and sensuality, essential qualities for couple dances. Dance requires commitment, rigor and discipline that the former footballer certainly does not lack and consequently the wish is that the next performances will be flawless. The patience and professionalism of the teacher are points in their favor, therefore, the next performances will not fail to amaze everyone. The feeling is that a decisive moment has come for the couple, will they be able to move forward and establish themselves among the best of this edition?

Fabio Galante and Giada Lini, how they went in the last episode of Dancing with the stars

Fabio Galante forms with Giada Lini a very close couple and full of sex appeal that certainly does not go unnoticed. The last performance finally convinced the judges more, the tango they performed has reached the highest mark so far. The former footballer has a great charisma and an extraordinary will that allows him to overcome any obstacle. The stubbornness and stubbornness that distinguish him are excellent travel companions in this particular path, criticisms do not scare him, far from it, he always tries to learn from them. The judges congratulated him, from president Carolyn Smith to Selvaggia Lucarelli, they are thrilled with the improvements obtained.

Fabio Galante he proved to be a great gentleman, a person who goes straight to the goal without conditioning. The former footballer said he was happy with his performance and felt very comfortable with the rest of the group, to the point of comparing the Dancing with the Stars team to a football team. I feel as fit as when I was training, he said. In addition, he also has words of praise for his colleagues, especially Federico Lauri who finished first, I’m glad he is proving his worth, he said. In reviewing the old images concerning his past as a footballer, he got very excited, despite Zazzaroni having downplayed his talent, talking about his passion for women. You had two great loves, says the journalist, the second was football, but this does not in the least affect Fabio Galante who prefers to remember that he played with the greatest champions.

Who is Giada Lini?

The dancer is in her first experience in the transmission of Milly Carlucci, therefore, not very experienced in the dynamics and judges, with whom she is trying to establish a feeling. The words of praise towards him are not lacking, indeed, they are all aware of his skill, given the progress made by his pupil. According to Mariotto, the teacher has performed a real miracle against the footballer, while Carolyn Smith advises the former footballer to let himself be guided by the great professionalism of the dancer. Certainly not an easy task for her, as she is also in her debut, but her little experience is not a limit since thanks to her attractiveness and charm she manages to capture attention on herself. He has encouraged words towards his partner, a sign of great seriousness and commitment and the tango with which they performed in the last episode convinced everyone.


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