its value up to 800 euros

A collector’s item that made history. Today, his image evokes distant times and long chats.

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What about a coin that he tied his image to a series of dynamics that cannot be forgotten at all. What about a collector’s item now, which today recalls times now lost in memories. One of the most beautiful images of the old lyre. The world of collecting today, common observers are questioning and questioning us about the value of a currency to which before, in all probability, we will not have given so much value.

The 200 lire coin it is linked to a double mandate to a series of images, of dynamics that many will remember with affection. It scanned the value of a telephone token, before the appearance and then invasion of cell phones. Today, there is talk of 200 lire and its best known version, the one coined in 1977. Its value already strongly quantified the devaluation of the old currency, the purchasing power from the beginning was almost nil, little could be bought with that denomination of money in your pocket.

Coins, the most precious is from 1977: how to sell it

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2.4 centimeters for a weight of almost 5 grams. On the one hand the female head characterizes one with the reference wording that mentions the Italian Republic, on the other the expression of its value placed at the center of a gear. Precisely this detail causes the coin in question to be remembered as the “200 lire work”. The value of the coin in question, however, given its enormous diffusion, is not among the highest, quite the contrary. To date, a similar piece coined precisely in 1977 is worth more or less 1 euro.

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Completely different speech if we take into consideration the “trial” version of the 200 lire. Very few specimens, about 1500 and a value that is around 800 euros. Not bad in short for a simple coin to which almost no one would have given too much importance. The coin in question, although rare, could realistically speaking also be in our house. If we were to find it, with a huge fluke, how could it be resold? Simple, through the web, specialized sites that certainly will propose a serious evaluation and will arrange to put it for sale in the classic mode or even through real online auctions. In short, what are we waiting for? Let’s go in search of the precious treasure.

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