European swimming: 1000 medals Italy, silver Rivolta and 4×50 mixed sl. Ceccon bronze

European swimming: 1000 medals Italy, silver Rivolta and 4×50 mixed sl. Ceccon bronze
European swimming: 1000 medals Italy, silver Rivolta and 4×50 mixed sl. Ceccon bronze

There are still joys from Kazan, on the penultimate day of the European Short Course Swimming Championships in Kazan. Italy smiles with three other medals, two silvers (Rivolta in the 50 butterfly and 4×50 mixed style) and Thomas Ceccon, always in the 50 butterfly for a podium with lots of blue. The relay is the 1000th all-time at the Federnuoto European Championships in all disciplines

Gold does not arrive for Italy in the penultimate day of the European short course swimming championships in Kazan, Russia, but Italy still rejoices thanks to the silvers of Rivolta and the 4×50 mixed style relay (which won the 1000th medal of the blue swimming) and the bronze of Thomas Ceccon in the 50 butterfly, a series of new Italian records (Revolt in the 50 butterfly, Nicolò Martinenghi in the 50 breaststroke, Lorenzo Mora in the 200 backstroke, Silvia Di Pietro in the 50 butterfly and Alessandro Miressi in the 100 freestyle and many positive signs.

1000th medal at the European championships for Federnuoto

Emblematic and suggestive that the medal No. 1000 at the Federnuoto European Championships in all disciplines with the mixed freestyle relay. An overall symbol of all the athletes who have followed one another since the first titles won at the Europeans in Bologna 1927 with the silver of Giuseppe Perentin in the 1500s (won by the Swede Arne Borg who swam for the first time under 20 minutes in 19’07 “2) and the bronzes of Luciano Cozzi on the diving board and Ezio Selva from the platform. Medal number 1000 (333 golds, 306 silvers and 361 bronzes) bears the signature of Alessandro Miressi (21 “33), Lorenzo Zazzeri (20” 59), Silvia Di Pietro (23 “48) and Costanza Cocconcelli (24” 00) for 1’29 “40 which is equal to second place in ex aequo with Russia.

Two medals in the 50 butterfly

Italy had never won a medal in 50 butterfly, takes two all together. Matteo Rivolta wins the silver with the Italian record of 22 “14; Thomas Ceccon the bronze in 22” 24, returning to the 30-year-old from Milan the primacy he had stolen from him in the semifinals after the heats. The Italians are preceded only by the Hungarian Szebasztian Szabo (European champion in long and silver in short), gold in the 50 freestyle and in the 100 butterfly, who sets the world and European record in 21 “75. medal that smells of rebirth: “It wasn’t an impeccable race. To think that when I was young I just couldn’t make it. Instead now I find myself vice European champion and Italian record holder “. A full smile also for Ceccon:” I am very happy to share the podium with Matteo. I did something wrong too, but the 50 is a crazy race and the details make the difference – says the Venetian giant -. It is my second individual medal and now I have to look forward to grow, mature and win further “.

The other results from Saturday

No podiums in the 200 freestyle, Matteo Ciampi he comes close, bringing the staff to 1’42 “82 and paying 31 cents from the Dutchman Stan Pijnenburg who wins the bronze. Marco De Tullio in the final he lands on 1’44 “04 for eighth place. Fourth also Elena Di Liddo which closes the 100 butterfly in 56 “61. Also in consideration Ilaria Bianchi, eighth in 57 “98. Fourth as well Costanza Cocconcelli in the 200 medley in 2’08 “59, but far from the bronze of the Turkish Viktoria Zeynep Gunes in 2’07” 67. The victory goes to the Israeli Anastasia Gorbenko, who precedes the Swiss Maria Ugolkova in 2’05 “17, 2’06” 41. Margherita Panziera’s business fails. The 26-year-old Italian record holder is seventh in the 100 backstroke in 57 “53, very far from the podium that re-proposes Kira Toussaint gold in 55” 76 for the net course of the specialty after the successes in the 50 and 200 (in 2019 he was author of the side-by-side 50-100). The other Dutch Maaike De Waards (Ned), silver in 56 “40, and the French Analia Pigree, bronze in 56” 40, change places on the podium, compared to 100. Nicolò Martinenghi he exalts himself and takes the final of the 50 breaststroke in the pool with him there will also be Fabio Scozzoli. Final centered also for Benedetta Pilato and Arianna Castiglioni in the 50 frog women, Mora and Lamberti in the 200 backstroke men, Miressi and Zazzeri in the 100 style, Orsi in the 100 mixed, Di Liddo and Di Pietro in the 50 butterfly women.

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