Emergency landing for a fake illness in Mallorca, 20 Moroccans on the run

Improvised escape after an emergency landing or a ploy prepared to illegally enter Europe? This is one of the main questions that the police are now trying to answer, which at the moment arrested 12 people: in addition to nine fugitives already recovered, there are also the passenger who requested medical assistance denouncing an illness in flight – accused of aiding and abetting illegal immigration -, a man who accompanied him to the hospital and then tried to flee himself and another traveler, who remained on the aircraft and is now accused of assaulting a public official.

Twenty-three of the 24 involved are Moroccan nationals, while one would be Palestinian, the authorities said. But the investigators, for the moment, prefer to remain cautious. “We have no element that allows us to state, as things currently stand, that it was a planned operation”, the Spanish government delegate to the Balearics, Aina Calvo, told the Iberian media, adding that in any case ” all hypotheses are open “. The arrival of these people, explained Calvo, is considered a case of “evidently irregular” entry into Spain from Morocco, generally attempted by thousands of people from the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.

The most likely hypothesis is that an expulsion protocol will be applied for all. Meanwhile, the authorities are reviewing the management of landings like this one. “What happened yesterday cannot be repeated”, wrote Francina Armengol, regional president of the Balearics on Twitter. Doubts remain about the extent of the medical emergency that caused the emergency landing, which took place around 7 pm on Friday.

According to what was reconstructed by the newspaper El País, the request to stop in Palma de Mallorca came from the crew commander. Once on the ground, an airport doctor examined the patient and instructed to transfer him to the hospital by ambulance. The medical report released later “offers evidence that this person has not been well”, said Calvo after rumors circulated that the man had faked an illness. The Spanish government delegate added that for the moment, however, the possibility of a self-inflicted diabetic crisis for which he was assisted as a ploy to force the landing cannot be ruled out, explains El País. Operations at Palma airport resumed around 11.30pm on Friday, more than three hours after the passengers’ flight and after more than 50 flights had undergone changes or delays. The plane involved – which took off with about 150 passengers in all – then left for Istanbul in the night, without the fugitives.


Emergency landing fake illness Mallorca Moroccans run

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