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those opposite risks (even if 2020 will not return) –

those opposite risks (even if 2020 will not return) –
those opposite risks (even if 2020 will not return) –
from Beppe Severgnini

Infections and hospitalizations have started to grow again, but we must remain calm because the Italian numbers remain the best in Europe, not by magic, not by a stroke of luck, but because the vast majority of us did what they had to do: get vaccinated. , use masks indoors and in crowded places, wash your hands often

Fourth wave, third dose, second year, first commandment: keep calm. Not superficial advice, not mild reassurance. As the infections and hospitalizations have started to grow, staying calm is what we need to do. For what reason? Because the Italian numbers remain the best in Europe. Not by magic, not by a stroke of luck, but because – for once – the vast majority of us did what we had to do. Get vaccinated, use masks indoors and in crowded places, wash your hands often. In the case of flu symptoms, a swab before meeting people. Italy has done these things, and continues to do them. I spent the last month traveling: Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Liguria, Tuscany, Marche, Umbria, Lazio, Campania, Sardinia. Stations, airports, trains, airplanes, schools, universities, theaters, restaurants, stadiums. Besides Milano, I have been to Venice, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples. How do the compatriots behave? Better, and with more common sense, than many other Europeans, not to mention Americans (any visitor from abroad will tell you this). In Italy we have resumed living together, but we have not forgotten what happened due to Covid: and fortunately.

What do we have to guard against now? From two opposite risks: thinking that everything will be like in 2020 (lockdown, empty cities and closed schools); or believe that the pandemic is now a bad memory. Not so, unfortunately:thirteen regions have exceeded the critical threshold of 50 infections per 100 thousand inhabitants
. They do not pass into the yellow zone because, as we know, two other parameters are also used today (hospitalizations and intensive care). But clear: we must continue to use the caution that has brought us this far.

Caution derided by fools, when instead the healthier and wiser attitude. Commissioner Francesco Figliuolo, being a soldier, to explain what he is doing, and how he is doing it, uses a war metaphor: Si vis pacem, para bellum, if you want peace, prepare for war. And the one against Covid is an ongoing war: let’s put it in our heads. Just look at what happens elsewhere, and try to draw useful lessons from it. Autumn is the season of respiratory diseases, and in the north of the Alps comes earlier. In Austria, frightened by the pandemic curve, the government introduces the lockdown for those who have not been vaccinated. In Germany there is open talk of a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Faced with the risk of running out of places in the hospital, the governor of Thuringia blurted out: we will no longer treat the no-vax (unacceptable solution, understandable exasperation).

It is good to reflect on these events, because they are issues that, unfortunately, we too may have to face. Those who, for fear or bad information, still refuse the vaccine, putting themselves and others at risk, should also think about it. The majority of Italians – 90% of compatriots who got vaccinated, after listening to science and conscience – are no longer so silent, and could lose patience. In this delicate moment, even politics and the media should try to use the right tones. Or at least, avoid the wrong tones and themes.

The president of Campania, Vincenzo De Luca, he says: In Rome we have AIFA, we have ISS, CTS, Agenas, the Ministry of Health, we have nothing less than the commissioner for Covid. And this big one. Everyone says different things. For God’s sake, don’t listen to anyone. Just follow the directions coming from the Region. Why does he do it? The opposition shouldn’t keep saying: The government admits its mistakes in handling the pandemic. Given the variants of the virus, it was foreseeable that the effectiveness of the vaccine and, therefore, of the green pass would be reduced. If they weren’t, then we’d be in trouble.

We in the media should stop showing off the eccentric no-vax as if it were an unheard prophet. Those characters represent a small minority that we must convince, not enlighten and amplify. Doing so, in fact, creates confusion. The last thing we need today.

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