SUNDAY, short respite from the Rains, but a new Intense Worsening is looming. The detail »

SUNDAY, short respite from the Rains, but a new Intense Worsening is looming. The detail »
SUNDAY, short respite from the Rains, but a new Intense Worsening is looming. The detail »

Weather: SUNDAY, short respite from the rains, but a new intense deterioration is looming. The detail

SUNDAY respite from RAIN, then intense WORSEDespite a respite from heavy rains expected in that of Sunday 7th November, however, there are no encouraging signs on the horizon about a return to more stable and calmer weather conditions. Indeed, in the next few days we expect a new and intense worsening for many regions of Italy.

But in the meantime, let’s take care of the feast day which, if nothing else, will reserve us a few hours drier and with some glimmer of sunshine, at least for the lucky ones.
On a general scale we find a new one cyclonic vortex that from the Algerian coast slowly moves its center of gravity in the direction of Sardinia. Its primary task is to send perturbations towards Italy. A first reached us in that of Saturday 6, while a second is awaited for the start of the new week.

Force the Sunday it will be a day of wait. Already in the morning, except for a few rain still possible on the Sardinia and on some corners of the central-northern Adriatic area, the meteorological picture will remain rather dry despite the presence of clouds scattered more dense on the North East and throughout the Adriatic sector.

During the day the rains they will gradually run out, with the exception of the Sardinia where the weather will continue to throw a tantrum, forcing us to always keep an umbrella close at hand.
However, there will be regions where you can also enjoy some generous lightening. This will be the case in the Alpine regions, in the Northwest and some stretches of the Tyrrhenian side, especially the one Tuscany, the Lazio, the Campania and on the north of the Sicily. About the Sicily, know that on these areas you can even go out in short sleeves as the temperatures will be really high for the period, due to the warm winds rising from North Africa, recalled by the new one cyclonic vortex.

Everything will remain virtually unchanged until will be when from the west, however, the signs of the announced new deterioration will gradually become more and more visible, ready to condition the meteorological picture with the beginning of next week. Here more details.


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