how long after the second should it be done?

The third dose of the vaccine anti-Covid it is now certain. Although the vaccination cycle, consisting of two doses, has shown its effectiveness in avoiding deaths and hospitalizations, some categories still remain more exposed to the danger of contracting the virus. It is for this reason that the Government is pressing on speeding up the new anti-Covid campaign, trying in this way to deal with the rapid increase in cases recorded last week, consequently avoiding that intensive care units return to be crowded.

To receive the third injection they will be Senior citizens, immunodepressi and the healthcare personnel, in order to further protect them from the threat of the virus. Although the possibility of resorting to a third vaccination dose has long been hypothesized, there are still many doubts on the subject. So here are all the information on the third dose the vaccine: who should get it and when.

Covid vaccine: why take the third dose?

Although the real effectiveness of anti-Covid vaccines has been questioned several times, the vaccine works. According to the latest report fromHigher Institute of Health (ISS), the effectiveness of vaccines in avoiding the most serious symptoms of Covid, which requires hospitalization in intensive care, stands at 93%, an excellent result. Yet, deepening the study, it was realized that in the elderly there is a sharp decline in coverage, making people over 60 more fragile in front of the virus again. For this reason theAIFA (Italian Medicines Agency) approved the third dose for over-60s, for the most fragile categories and for healthcare personnel. In this way, the strengthening of the immune response should be guaranteed, exceeding the level of defense reached with the two initial doses.

Covid vaccine: who should take the third dose?

The third dose there will be a vaccine, but not for the entire population, at least for now. To communicate which categories are interested in “booster”, as the third dose is called, was the extraordinary Commissioner for the Covid emergency, the General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, in a circular sent to the Regions. For now the third dose is indicated, therefore it is not mandatory, for the following ranges:

  • highly frail subjects (immunocompromessi);
  • the healthcare personnel;
  • the over-60;
  • guests and staff RSA;
  • who has been vaccinated with the single-dose Johnson & Johnson.

Contrary to what was hoped for now there will be no booster for teachers, law enforcement agencies and for under 60. The same circular states that this line will be maintained “except for future recommendations”.

Third dose vaccine: how long does it take?

Between the second dose and the “booster” dose, there should be at least an interval six months. This is always confirmed by the extraordinary Commissioner for the Covid emergency in the circular. However, the time interval will not be the same for everyone.

In fact for the immunodepressi the third dose can also be done later 28 days from the second dose, with the aim of completing the vaccination cycle. For all other categories, on the other hand, six months must elapse from the second dose. For those who care about the safety the first data of this third dose come from Israel, where the third dose has already been administered for a couple of months: the side effects that have emerged are completely overlapping with those of the previous doses. No complications emerge new or additional.

Covid vaccine: which vaccines for the third dose?

The booster dose will see the administration of mRNA vaccines, such as Pfizer e Modern. No to AstraZeneca that Italy is slowly abandoning. For all people who have been vaccinated with the Anglo-Swedish drug the situation does not change, they will receive an mRNA vaccine as a third dose, thus obtaining a heterologous vaccination. According to the data collected to date, this “mixed” vaccination should not be a cause for concern, as the results have shown that heterologous vaccination produces a better immune response.

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