Do you know which team Eros Ramazzotti supports? His passion is overwhelming

Eros Ramazzotti has a particular team for which he has practically always supported: the desire to rejoice in those two colors is too strong.

Eros Ramazzotti has a favorite team (LaPresse)

The songwriter of great songs known for generations has a special passion for a team that makes his heart beat faster. Each goal is a cause for great joy for Eros Ramazzotti that just can’t resist the charm of those two colors

Lots of melodies dedicated to the closest loved ones and also the awareness of wanting to cheer after every goal scored by the team for which he dotes. Passionate fan does not miss the opportunity to see the matches of his favorites: the team plays in A league.

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Which team supports Eros Ramazzotti? The answer

Eros Ramazzotti and which team has always supported (LaPresse)

Eros Ramazzotti has always been a fan of the colors of Juventus. A great passion has practically overwhelmed him since he was very young. The joy of scoring is really beautiful to live and the singer-songwriter does not hide it even on social networks. Some time ago the same singer-songwriter joked with Alessandro on social media Del Piero publishing a photomontage. A moment of lightness that many users have commented and shared.

The image shows the former Juventus player ready to take a free-kick, while the face of Ramazotti is close by, waiting for the play of the Juventus champion. “Alessandro Del Piero and me when we played in Juve“, The songwriter jokingly wrote about Instagram. Here are the images of the post that made you laugh so much. A social moment that even the former captain of the Juventus he appreciated and saw with great pleasure.

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