Is Mourinho still special? Even a winner like him is challenged in Rome

Is Mourinho still special? Even a winner like him is challenged in Rome
Is Mourinho still special? Even a winner like him is challenged in Rome

Give them to the tyrant, like the puppet of the amusement park. When an unpleasant falls, there is great pleasure in sticking and mocking him, one feels a ferocious, cathartic pleasure. The statue is uprooted from the pedestal to rage, then it feels better. So it is logical that the latter Roma, a win out of six and 8 goals conceded to Bodø / Glimt, brings with it an avalanche of criticism, and given that the identification between Roma and Mourinho it is perfect (you look at his team but you have him in front of you: it has always been like that), stones rain down on the technician, and acid judgments and comments, definitive, sometimes offensive. Special life. Accustomed to storms and navigating them, he provokes them so much on purpose. Assuming it is still Special, it is objected, and it is creeping doubt. Has it lost touch as was suspected in England? Or is it still the old dragon, surrounded by Lilliputians not at his height? In both cases, it would be serious for Roma.


On the lost touch, I do not agree Florentino Perez (he tried again in May to bring him back to Madrid: too late), the Saudis of Newcastle who have included him in the eligible candidates for the future, and Dan Friedkin, who brought him here and is certainly by your side (we believe in trust). Yet Mourinho has been wrapped up in recent weeks. He is still fourth in A but be careful, it takes little to slip, the others are there. Roma has entered a vortex between their own inadequacies and adverse events typical of no-moments (referees aside, think of Mancini’s surreal pole against Bodø), the players have dropped in a crash, the coach always struggles in a blanket shorter: if it cements the defensive block it limits the damage, but does not sting; if it attacks too much, it exposes itself as well. The referees have made their disasters, they have weighed, they are part of the black period. And Mourinho fails to reverse course, furious with the world, angry with the players in public after the screams in private in recent weeks, which have had no effect (another concern). The other evening, however, he mysteriously sent Abraham to sacrifice himself in pressing one against two on the central opponents, the English was exhausted without preventing the Norwegians from setting up.


The maneuver in the last 30 meters is still heavy, no decisive and planned schemes, but Mourinho’s is a situationist football, he instructs the players to refine instinct and inspiration in the battle then they have to think about it, he prepares them for the rest; in life he has won two games, you can see that it works. But the team escapes him. Now he looks for solutions in trouble and confusion, rehabilitates the former purged but in bulk, perhaps he punished them too much, he gets more than anything else reactions of pride in the second half, he has dead attackers. He does not find the touch because he plucks the wrong strings or in the wrong points, after all he does not have a team for him: little physics from the waist down and with too many carrying the ball from the waist up, the opposite of his ideas.

But tactical corrective measures, modifications, sacrifices are urgently needed. You can also play 4-3-3 with Pellegrini midfielder, plus two wingers with fewer covering tasks to better assist Abraham. Mourinho will take care of it, it’s up to him, Rome is waiting for him to test, the other night he whistled with disappointment. But there is a general quality problem, highlighted by certain individual performances. Alfred Hitchcock inserted in his films the “MacGuffin”, a joke to the public: a situation or an object that is only apparently important, but in reality it is not, to distract the viewer from the true purpose of the story, in fact at a certain point it disappears from the story , like Psycho’s $ 40,000. Mourinho’s MacGuffin is the controversy on the short bench, on the purged. It serves to divert attention from the real doubt: the one about the real quality of the owners for his type of football. Old problem. He didn’t just have it in Rome


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