“At work for third dose to other age groups”

“At work for third dose to other age groups”
“At work for third dose to other age groups”

Coronavirus emergency and infections in Italy, Covid vaccine with the third dose and vaccination of children 5-11 years old, and then the mandatory Green pass. Health Minister Roberto Speranza takes stock in his speech at the press conference at Palazzo Chigi with the extraordinary commissioner for the emergency, General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, and with the president of the Higher Health Council and coordinator of the CTS, Franco Locatelli.

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WHO ALARM – “the numbers of Italy are among the best in Europe; the incidence rate has been growing in recent weeks, but lower than in other countries. But the alarm raised yesterday “by WHO Europe” must be considered with the utmost attention and requires us to insist on the fundamental terrain to combat Covid, that is the vaccination campaign “, said Speranza.

“The dark red color is becoming dominant on a continental level and Italy, despite being in a phase in which the infected are recovering (today the incidence is 53 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in the last 7 days), we have the best data – reiterated the minister – This is why the vaccination campaign has encouraging data: this morning 86.45% of first doses, a very high figure, and we are 83.3% of vaccinable people who have completed the primary cycle “.

THIRD DOSE – “We are also accelerating on third doses“of anti Covid vaccine” and we think this is the first ground on which to focus all our energies in the coming weeks. We still have to catch up with the first few doses and speed up on boosters“Hope said.

The third dose today “it is strongly recommended to those over 60 who have completed the vaccination cycle for 6 months and then to the frail, regardless of age and to all those who have had a single dose of J&J. These are the indications at the moment – he recalled – from next week we will work to expand to further generational ranges“.

MASKS – “We must insist on the vaccine as a fundamental tool to manage this phase – he stressed again – And obviously I continue to appeal for Italians to continue on the path of correct behavior“.

“We were very gradual on the release of the measures – he remarked – we must particularly insist oncorrect use of masks, on all occasions with the risk of crowding, even outdoors. And clearly individual behaviors are fundamental: masks, distancing, hygiene rules starting from hand washing, are and remain fundamental elements for the management of this phase of the pandemic “.

“I want to remind you that in Italy at the moment there is a provision on the use of masks that provides for the obligation indoors, but also outdoors if there are risks of gatherings. It is quite clear – he observed – that a demonstration, a square, a procession where there are many people is naturally a place where the mask becomes mandatory, as a place at risk of crowding. So we must enforce the rules that exist and also give public opinion the message that we are still in an epidemic phase. Just look up to see what happens in other European countries and in the world “.

“Within this epidemic phase – the minister recalled – we have two fundamental weapons: the first is the vaccination campaign on which we continue to insist, and the second is compliance with precautionary measures and correct behavior, which the vast majority of countries has so far followed “.

VACCINE TO CHILDREN – On the anti Covid vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 “we are waiting for a definitive pronouncement from Ema, the hope is that it will arrive in December”. Speranza explained that on the issue “the provisions of the Italian government and AIFA will follow this pronouncement” of the European Medicines Agency.

GREEN PASS – Then the Green pass. “Today it was 7 o’clock 117 million green passes downloaded – said the minister – a number that gives the sense of a tool that Italians have learned to use and I believe they also appreciate because they understand that it is an instrument of freedom “.” A tool that is also useful: our epidemiological framework is also the result of the choices we have made in terms of the Green pass “, he remarked. Speranza also clarified that the third dose of the anti Covid vaccine determines the extension of the Green pass: the twelve months start from the third dose.

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