Frontal crash on Highway 17: a young woman dies

Frontal crash on Highway 17: a young woman dies
Frontal crash on Highway 17: a young woman dies

The accident in the territory of Castelpetroso. On the spot 118, carabinieri and firefighters. The victim, Rossella Forte, was only 23 years old

CASTELPETROSO. Head-on collision between two cars: help was useless for a young woman. The tragedy took place this evening, shortly after 7 pm, at kilometer 188,200 of the Statale 17 in the territory of Castelpetroso.

According to what has been learned, the crash would have been extremely violent. From the first reconstructions, the Suzuky Ignis with the victim on board, Rossella Forte, 23 years old from Castelpetroso, employed by an RSA, would have lost control in the corners and ended up colliding head-on with a SsangYong Rexton SUV, driven by an uninjured man from Isernia.

The alarm was raised immediately and allowed the rescue car to start up. 118 ambulances rushed to the scene, but unfortunately there was nothing for the girl to do: the traumas reported in the impact were too serious. On the spot, the intervention of the firefighters of Isernia and the carabinieri, who are carrying out the surveys to reconstruct the dynamics, and of the Anas for the restoration of the viability, diverted to local roads, was necessary. Long queue of cars lined up to try to pass in both directions.

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Frontal crash Highway young woman dies

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