“He wanted to know about my sex life and that I show him my private parts”

He calls young girls and women, sneaks into their intimate lives, possesses sensitive information about their health, and tries to have their private parts shown under the guise of an emergency gynecological examination. There is an alarm throughout Italy, with over 200 confirmed victims, for a scammer who pretending to be a gynecologist harasses women over the phone. In addition to harassment, a very serious aspect to be clarified immediately, is the possession of sensitive data of the victims.

There are about 200 girls throughout Italy who have received a call from Francesco Licante or Lirante, during which the man demonstrates that he knows very well the clinical picture of the same, hypothesizing diseases and infections to be treated as soon as possible.

It also happened to Roberta (not her real name), from Perugia. “He called me on my cell phone. The first time I answered, but he did not speak – he tells Perugia Today – On the second call he presented himself as a doctor and began to describe my health situation as if he knew me very well or had my medical records in front of me. I don’t know where he could have gotten my phone number, how did he know how much I did the last few visits for women’s health ”.

Data that only the girl’s attending physician should know. Which did not become suspicious precisely because she had booked specialist examinations and visits. As the phone call progressed, however, something started not returning to the young victim. “He told me that he had seen my analyzes and there was something to check because the situation, according to him, was also serious – continues Roberta’s story – He spoke of an infection and that an appointment had to be made to meet us and that if if there had not been the possibility he could also have a medical consultation on video call. Then he started asking about my sex life, going into very intimate details. At that point I started asking specific questions, but not being able to answer me, he attacked ”.

At least 200 girls have reported that they have been contacted by the self-styled gynecologist in the same way, with a request to undress in front of the camera or to send photos of the private parts, for medical purposes supports the molester. Many have already turned to the Postal Police to report the facts.

“I made an appointment with an anti-violence center to speak with a lawyer and draw up the complaint – concludes Roberta – She knew too much about me, like other girls. How is it possible that he knew when I had my last gynecological examination, or how many children that woman has, what operation she underwent? ”.

The reports, at the moment, are concentrated in Puglia and Lazio, but Roberta’s story could also serve to denounce the facts to other women and girls who live in Umbria and who may have suffered the harassment and violence of the fake doctor.

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