The burning behind the scenes on Pfizer’s falsified data emerge ▷ “Fired on the spot who raised the alarm”

The burning behind the scenes on Pfizer’s falsified data emerge ▷ “Fired on the spot who raised the alarm”
The burning behind the scenes on Pfizer’s falsified data emerge ▷ “Fired on the spot who raised the alarm”

The so-called widens like wildfire Pfizergayou. The publication of the article by investigative reporter Paul D. Thacker lifted the veil on inefficient procedures for vaccine testing Pfizer. The publication in the important scientific journal The BMJ, British Medical Journal was based on an internal source of the company Ventavia Research Group, a company used in Texas by Pfizer to test for adverse events in vaccine serum.

The regional director of Ventavia, Brook Jackson, through internal documents and photos, published by Paul D. Thacker in the medical journal The BMJ, highlighted how the tests were not up to standard and how a falsification of data on adverse events was perpetrated. After having reported the anomaly found in tests, Jackson was fired from Ventavia. An opaque picture is emerging in which Pfizer’s speed of producing vaccine serum has effectively overshadowed the risks of the vaccine’s adverse effects.

Fabio Duranti analyzes a “A special day”The article by Paul D. Thacker on the British Medical Journal

“The right emphasis was not given, the mainstream immediately tried to downplay, on the issue of this article published in The BMJ, British Medical Journal. We have already indicated the link on one of our interventions already published on the net. After our complaint, the news has gone out everywhere but they are trying to stop its spread by trying to minimize it. It is a very serious thing, of an exceptional gravity. We translate the most salient points from English. The article is by the highly reputed scientific investigative journalist Paul D. Thacker

The fact has not been denied, it cannot be, but these mercenaries of lies are trying to minimize the news. What happens? They evidently had to hurry and have hired several research organizations for the mandatory tests. One of these bodies is called Ventavia Research Group, a company in Texas in charge of carrying out these investigations, about 3% of the candidates-guinea pigs. According to Thacker’s research, this company falsified all data and employed untrained vaccinators and slow to track adverse events. The staff who conducted the quality checks were overwhelmed by the volume of problems encountered, the adverse events

After informing Ventavia, the regional director, Brook Jackson, filed a complaint with the Food and Drug Administration, FDI, our EMA, that the company was ignoring its warnings. Ventavia fired the researcher on the same day. The former Ventavia worker provided the scientific journal The BMJ, through journalist Paul D. Thacker, with dozens of internal company documents and photos. The article was published and no one could deny it. To put the vaccine into circulation, a correct procedure was not performed and the adverse events canceled “

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