“Are you crazy to say such a thing?”

“Are you crazy to say such a thing?”
“Are you crazy to say such a thing?”

The Emilian actor at the center of new controversies.

There is no peace in the Home of the Big Brother Vip and another storm arrives on Alex Belli. The Emilian actor, after the unhappy joke to Manuel Bortuzzo, a few hours ago he made some quite serious and misunderstood utterances while conversing in the sauna with Jo Squillo and Davide Silvestri.

Speaking of the unpleasant situation that has arisen with Aldo Montano, Clear he tried to explain his point of view with a metaphor that was decidedly out of place. According to the gieffino, it would have been provoked by They mount as many women provoke their husbands, thus justifying the violence. “No alleged provocation can lead to physicality. Then for a reasoning like this, then if there was an attitude that for someone is provocative is it right that women are beaten by their husbands? Okay, so what do you mean?” Alex stated arousing him immediate indignation of Jo Squillo: “Come on, are you out saying something like that? Come on, but what does it mean? I mean, so do you think women get beaten up by their husbands because they provoke? Listen, please, what bullshit you are saying. Let’s do that I didn’t understand which is better”Jo replied.

Also Davide Silvestri, understanding the gravity of the utterances and the delicacy of the subject, he sent Alex to change the subject.

“Guys, you didn’t understand the metaphor. I didn’t provoke anything, I simply said what I had to say at that moment and I got a shove from him”, he retorted Clear. Another big slip of the actor and other hot new controversies immediately ignited on the latest statements.

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