Clear Channel Italia introduces 3D among its digital creative proposals

Clear Channel Italia launches Digital Out of Home on air on its systems his first 3D campaign. The media company has, in fact, 3D DOOH introduced in its proposal.

This technology allows us to overcome the two-dimensionality of the digital screen by recreating a unique experience, explains the release. 3D is in fact based on an optical illusion already known to the art world: theanamorphism which exploits the same principles of trompe l’oeil to create images that return a three-dimensional effect. Thanks to a perspective reconstruction applied to videos developed in 3D animation, an impression of scenic depth is obtained that breaks down the third wall of the 2D screens. The effect caused by this technology applied to the displays makes the viewer live an engaging and immersive experience.

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The 3D campaign for Sportium – CMR Project

The first 3D campaign is made for Sportium – CMR Project, a company specializing in the conception, design and development of sports facilities. Creativity reproduces the proposal conceived by Manica Architecture, Sportium and CMR Project for the new stadium in Milan. Thanks to 3D, the project “The Rings of Milan”Is shown in its entirety with an animation of the architecture.

The campaign is on air on 80 digital screens distributed in strategic points of the city to ensure the right visibility for this project.


Clear Channel Italia introduces among digital creative proposals

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