the four “golden men” who took jewels for one million euro from Cimiano-

the four “golden men” who took jewels for one million euro from Cimiano-
the four “golden men” who took jewels for one million euro from Cimiano-

An isolated target. Poorly protected and easy to hit. A single camera at the entrance, the certainty of not attracting too many glances. A perfect hit for sizable loot: gold and jewels for at least one million euros. It is a hunt for the four bandits who went into action yesterday morning in the “Trafilor” goldsmith workshop at number 5 of via private Assab, in Cimiano. A movie robbery with the four employees and the owner of the laboratory gagged and with their hands tied and the bandits who wait two hours waiting for theopening the safe. A shot studied in detail, as well as the objective that is found inside a condominium courtyard, without shop windows or signs. Just a big, heavy gray gate and barbed wire protecting the courtyard wall.

It all happened at 8 in the morning, at the opening of the laboratory. But the blow was only discovered around at 10 when the commandos left the offices and the employees managed to free themselves and give the alarm to 112. No one was injured, the workers were in shock but no ambulance intervention was necessary. Now the investigations are entrusted to the investigators of the Anti-robbery of the Mobile team who have collected the testimonies and are examining footage from surveillance cameras of the area. It is not yet clear how the bandits got away, if they had cars or accomplices outside. A detail that could also be clarified by the images of the neighboring buildings.

The robbers showed up at the opening. They waited for an employee to walk in through a back door and threatened him with two guns. Once inside they gagged and tied hands with electrician clamps to the other three employees of the firm. When asked to open the safe the workers explained that none of them were actually qualified to do so. For this they would have to wait the arrival of the owner. And so, despite the long wait, they did. The woman, 52 years old, she arrived around 9.50 and she too was threatened, bound and gagged. But not before forcing her to open the safe.

Inside were finished jewelry and semi-finished products. Particularly gold and palladium. a rare metal which is used in the processing of white gold and which has reached prices so high that they even exceed those of platinum. So much so that palladium hunters have been a nightmare for motorists for years as they disassemble and they steal car catalysts from where it is possible to extract small quantities, but still of value. For this the owner has quantified the loot in at least one million euros at market prices.

Mobile investigations start from a few elements: one of the bandits had, according to witnesses, a latex mask. The others wore double masks and hoods. Workers reported that some thugs had Eastern accent, the others were undoubtedly Italians.

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