Here are all the 1 euro houses on sale right now in Italy, from Val D’Aosta to Sicily

Here are all the 1 euro houses on sale right now in Italy, from Val D’Aosta to Sicily
Here are all the 1 euro houses on sale right now in Italy, from Val D’Aosta to Sicily

We often hear about houses for 1 euro: the famous project with which many Italian municipalities give away houses (in reality they sell them, even if at a symbolic price) in exchange for renovations and, in some cases, commitments to live in them.

The point, however, is that when we hear about it, it also happens that these 1 euro houses – whose price actually varies, it is not always just one euro – have already been sold. Now, the question is: how do you get there on time? How do you find the 1 euro houses for sale right now?

Fortunately, the list drawn up by sites such as “Casea1Euro”, or the one recently published by “InvestireOggi”, a site specializing in investments, comes to our aid. Well, observing it we immediately understand that the municipalities where today houses are sold for 1 euro are many. Also for this reason it is worth keeping an eye on a complete list.

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On Investire today we read how the 1 euro houses in Sicily, in 2021, are really a lot, on the other hand it is the region that started the project:

Augusta (province of Syracuse)
Castel di Lucio (province of Messina)
Castiglione di Sicilia (province of Catania)
Mussomeli (province of Caltanissetta)
Pettineo (province of Messina)
Sambuca di Sicilia (province of Agrigento)
San Piero Patti (province of Messina)
Salemi (province of Trapani)

But there are many others in other regions. Those in Calabria are in Albidona (province of Cosenza), in Belcastro (province of Catanzaro) and in Bisignano (province of Cosenza). While in nearby Basilicata the only ones available are in Acerenza, in the province of Potenza.

Let’s come to Campania: at the moment there are 1 euro houses available in Pietramelara, in the province of Casera. While in Puglia we have houses for 1 euro in Biccari and Candela, both municipalities belonging to the province of Foggia.

And in central Italy? Abruzzo has 1 euro houses in Casoli, in the province of Chieti, and in Pratola Peligna, which is instead in the province of L’Aquila. In Lazio, on the other hand, the province of Latina dominates, with the municipality of Maenza and that of Santi Cosma and Damiano. Then in Sardinia, in Romana, in the north of the island.

Finally, northern Italy: there are 1 euro houses in Liguria, in Triora, which is in the province of Imperia. But also in Val d’Aosta, in Oyace.

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