Glasgow, Greta Thunberg: clear to all that CoP26 is a failure

05 November 2021 19:23

The young Swedish activist denounces the climate conference underway in Scotland as the one that has “excluded voices from below the most”

Greta blames the climate conference, when it states that the threat of climate change cannot be addressed “with the same methods” that have led the world to face it, and accuses the delegates of leveraging “quirks and incomplete statistics” to safeguard “the business and the status quo.”

“This COP is a festival of the Global Green North – reiterated the young activist -. A celebration of bla bla bla, but the people most affected remain unheard”. “But the facts do not lie – continued Greta -. We need a drastic and immediate cut in emissions. But we must fundamentally change our society. The climate crisis stems from the principle that those who have more have the right to exploit the others. . But this is not said to COP, it is unpleasant. Better to ignore it. “

“There have been 26 Cops, decades of bla bla bla – he said again – but in the meantime they continue to build new infrastructures for fossil fuels, to open new coal mines and not pay the damages to the countries most affected. This is shameful”. “We are told that we are radicals – concluded Greta – but keeping the world at 2.7 degrees of warming is not radical, it is crazy”.

Cop26: Vanessa, leader inaction destroys the environment – “How long will it take before the leaders of nations understand that their inaction destroys the environment? We are in a crisis, a disaster that happens every day. Africa is responsible for 3% of historical emissions, but suffers the brunt of the climate crisis “, said Vanessa Nakate speaking at Cop26 in Glasgow. But how can there be climate justice if they don’t listen to the countries most affected? We will continue to fight “.


Glasgow Greta Thunberg clear CoP26 failure

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